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Please list all the different ways you can think of, how religion is harming the human race & the planet earth?

I'll give you one BIG, BIG, B-I-G way that religion is harming the human race and the planet earth.

We are using up all our resources on the planet and polluting the whole planet at the same time because of OVERPOPULATION caused by religion and its policies of; anti-abortion, anti-condom, anti-birth control, anti-gay, right-to-life, be fruitful and multiply, etc, etc, etc...

How many more ways can you think of, how religion is harming the human race and the planet earth? Take your time and think hard. A lot of the ways that religion causes harm and destruction are very subtle! This is a very, very important question! The survival of the whole human race could hinge around what we do about this question.

The Dark Ages never ended. There are still TONS of religious people in power and control on the planet. Some of these people have nuclear bombs.

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    Tax exemption/relief for any charity or orgainisation that says it is religiously affiliated. All the money they take and none of it is going into the public purse.

    In terms of our scientific advancement, we're 100s of years behind the point we would have been at had it not been for religion.

    Religion is divisive. Sure, many other things are too such as land and political viewpoints; but take away religion and by using rationale, at least there is a chance of compromises being made.


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    Religion stagnates human thought. That way it is limiting progress. Self righteous religious people think that they are above other life forms which is the most ignorant thing to think. That way they keep destroying sustainable Earth, thinking God one day will save them and that God can provide. Where in reality they are far from natural laws.

    Religion used to give assurance for vulnerable people in the past. Now, true knowledge can do that and human race doesn't need religion anymore to feel safe.

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    Shut the hell up your ignorance and non understanding for the way people cope with the world and understand it is one of the harms on the world. Just becasue some people think differently from you they cause every problem. I admit that it has caused many problems but it has given us gifts like art, stories, and will to so many people. You are scum.

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    How can you care about an enormous blue ball we all live on, and not care about your own soul? Don't you realize that your entire lifespan is a meaningless burp in the vastness of creation? If you don't believe in the existence of the soul, why don't you try exercising your free will. If you acknowledge that you have free will, you can't be determinist, therefore you must believe in a "spirit" beyond that of the physical brain, since the physical brain itself does not account for free will.

    If you acknowledge the existence of the human soul, the fleetingness of the physical world *(we live in a world of destruction, a "temporary" world just like your own life is temporary, then why do you care so much?

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    Complaining won't solve problems. Actions will. If you truly think that if everyone woke tomorrow and was an atheist, and that would equal world peace, then you are no more delusional than the idiots inhabiting the bible belt.

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    -War -confusion -deception -lack of humans thinking for theirselves -brainwashing -extremist behaviour -controlling minds/actions -distracts from truth -people praying to Gods they will and can never see- some died waitin for jesus and still dont know wht he looks like cud have passed them on the street but due to religions fairy tale language and self interpretation basis youll never know-

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    There's the whole idea that God gave us the earth, so we can do with it whatever we please.

    There's the idea that every animal on this planet was put here for us, thus we can do whatever we please with them.

    There's the idea that women were the original sinners, and that their only purpose is to bear children and serve men.

  • Dude, if religion didn't exist, humans would find their own excuses to do stupid stuff

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    Do your own damn homework you shiftless lout

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