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I for one will miss the banter if Rangers dont make it into the SPL.?

From when i first came onto this site,it was probably the best site worth discussions,arguments and above all else laughs-CQ-Will you actually miss the banter with the those who we all got close to, to actually see that some were human and not as we all thought neanderthal.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I will miss some of it..there's those who find famines and child abuse a reason to have a dig at us ...the kind that cant win an argument or say something intelligent so they go there...then there's the regs on here who are decent guys and the arguments are funny as we all know us Old Firmers cant agree on anything but right now its all against them and a lot of them are starting to bite...fairs fair I say, but lets put it this way, if the roles were reversed they WOULD be making fun of us at every opportunity...also lets not forget....its Rangers who brought Rangers down...not us!!

  • 8 years ago

    the banter will def be missed but thats all.as a gers fan,i have no time for celtic.call that bigotry if u like but i couldnt care less what opinions a celtic fan has of me lol.but the other stuff that even law abiding ppl get involved in will not be missed and i think that this could be looked upon in 20 years time as the best thing to happen to scottish football.its time the other clubs got out from under the old firm money shadow and started promoting and making theyr own bloody money.it will also change how the game is run because if celtic think theyr gna make all the decisions then ill bet theyr in for a shock.the other clubs must take this opportunity to gain control of scottish football.without rangers there is no old firm (goes for celtic also) so they cant band together and control the voting on sky tv money just for themselves.time for an even playing field.id quite happily go to the 3rd division and watch the rest of the spl make such a mess of things.hope im wrong as id like the spl to be a healthy competitive league on our return,which WILL happen.and when we do return,it will be with our heads held high again because we would have paid our dues and earned our place there.

  • ECK
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    8 years ago

    I miss the banter. It's just so lame now. Fudgie, air force copper, Errapolis,XxccxX,Rico the mental ladies Adele,Anne Marie,bluebell & wee ger to name but a few were a lot better. There was some right nasty stuff but it was a lot better than the snide backbiting going on now. Too many white collar guys now. It was great when Fudgie would say stuff like - who are you calling a stinkin' hun ya f'ckin' skip monkey.

    If Rangers are in the 3rd division next season we'll probably only have Rangers fans doing the predictor.

  • 8 years ago

    I miss some of the characters, but when threats of physical violence towards people and bringing up peoples kids took place in here it was a bit much..

    I don't miss some of the characters but I do miss some of the banter, the sad reality is that you would go to jail for it these days, it would be more of a ghost town than it is now...When I look back at some of the threatening emails I used to get, happy days..I knew I was doing my job right...lol

    Aye the days with The Balloon From Dunoon and those happy exchanges with his tales of war and heroism and all of it took place in a TA barracks... .

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  • 8 years ago

    It's been a while since there was proper banter on this site, now its nearly all hate filled bile between the fans. Iv never gotten close with anyone on the site either but I like to think I get on alright with everyone.

  • Rob
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    8 years ago

    There is no banter on here anymore. Just the same tired old pish, from the same soap-dodging, work-shy pikeys every day.

    Whatever happens to Rangers, I hope the Celtic fans accept it and move on.

  • JaMie
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    8 years ago

    Theres no reason why we couldn't laugh at the Celtic's woes from down here

    To be honest, i think if Rangers remain in the SPL, it will take the life out of the league. Rangers in the 3rd division is what we need. We'll all still be here

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    no seen banter just stupid attacks on either side...embarrassin really....not laughed at anythin lately on this section...just a bunch of middle aged men and a dumbfuck teenager arguin about whatever...last time i got close to anyone on this site they shat on me so to **** with one and all


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