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True or False: It doesn't matter how good your fight game is the big guy will always beat the smaller guy?

Why is it always assumed that the bigger guy is the better fighter just because he's taller or bigger??

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    The person of smaller stature can be a better fighter than the larger person, and he will win a fight based on technique.

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    It's assumed that the larger fighter has the advantage because people usually don't have more information than what they can see with their own eyes. If you see two random guys in a bar getting ready to fight and 1 is 5'8 145 lbs and the other is 6'4 250 lbs, who would you assume would win?

    They don't know if the smaller guy is well trained in hand to hand combat - if all else is equal, size does represent a significant advantage.

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    It is only an assumptions as you have stated that the big guy will win. People think that because they are bigger that they are stronger and that will give them the victory.

    Bigger doesn't equal stronger. The better fighter wins not the biggest fighter.

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    So false, its laughable.

    I've seen small lads beat the living crap out of bigger fellas who taught they were big tough men. They got some surprise.

    Saw a big guy one night start pushing a smaller lad around the guy was about 6'2 and the smaller lad about 5'4.. the big guy kept pushing him untill the smaller lad had enough and unleashed lightning fast kicks to the guys legs and quick punches to the guys body and face, dropping him very easily.

    That big guy didn't mess with him again you can be sure.

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    I'm 6'2" and 250 lbs and my sifu is 5'0" and 100 lbs give or take and he can hit me much harder than I can hit him and he's a lot faster too and that guy can crush bricks! my head is softer than a brick from my knowledge...

    the only advantage I have against him is potential to strike harder, potential to keep him out of range and stamina since I'm 40 years younger lol

    that's about it and if I cant keep him out of my range or keep evading (which is hard to do for a bigger guy against a smaller guy) then I might have a chance but then I would have to be lucky and finish it with my 1st shot or I would get beat up lol

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    A smaller guy can beat a bigger guy if he has superior fighting skill.

    However, if both combatants have equal fighting skill, the bigger guy wins.

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    fighting experience is the key to winning fight game..

    A fat guy who never spars will never win against some thing guy who spars regularly and is experienced.

    But if you are talking about a gorilla and human, than yes.

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    False. On so many levels.

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    false, i've seen bigger guys lose.

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