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Do you know what your natural style is when you write? C/C?

Style and Words

Upon a page a poet wandered by;

so odd he thought the words displayed this way,

as if the writer thought he must impress

by metered rhyme sung with iambic tones.

Seems not his natural comfort these words

aligned in awkward form so harsh the sound

for beats though kept without a plan will die

in harshest light of critics eyes reviewed.

We drum our words to lift the veil of thoughts

and paste these words upon a page to read.

In doing so we hope to move some minds

to think way past the obvious displayed.

Though when a form ill suits the poet’s style

the readers heads will shake… in disbelief.


I am a firm believer that everyone should practice writing to form as I feel in the end it makes one a better poet if nothing more for the discipline. However, one does need to find ones own voice and style.

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    When someone writes anything for the purpose of making the sentences and the. I just don't have time to stay in Yahoo kiddie complain poetry blog a ***** and say mean things to all who scare me. I shouldn't even be messing around like this . It is not a good thing to do,I know my writing is good . I know you have so many skeletons in your closet you can,t function rationally in a setting like this unless you get all of the attention and praise. People on here are not doing you a favor when they only say whatever anyone writes is so good and above great when it really isn't .I do it some to because I don't want to hurt people I like so I only say good things. I learned I need to be on other sites to get real feedback and be around serious people to grow in my writing , I still like to come here and make you huff and puff. You and a few others get so mad I love to make you respond to my taunts. I know I write better than most on here but so what . I am sorry for insulting your writing or anyone else it is not right for me to put anyone down just because God has given me a triple portion of everything good in my life . My health my good looks my high intelligence , my ability to attract attractive young women , My incredible writing ability and my almost flawless use of the language we speak and the way I arrange words like the most beautiful art on paper and the way I am many steps ahead of the game and everything around me and the way almost all jeans fit me so well and make the skin tight shirts I wear make me look like a famous model . And I am almost perfect in every way . I am sorry I can't help it. I never asked to be so perfect . . I am so glad I got this off of my chest . I feel better now that I was honest with everyone. I wish everyone could be like me it really isn't fair . But at least I am not arrogant about myself like some people are .I just won't let my perfection go to my head. I am trying to make a joke here but everything I am saying is so true .Anyway people will get mad no matter what I do do . I am only giving them the truth about me and my greatness to get mad about and I am so sorry if the truth hurts. I am so damn good looking I feel guilty that i am so much better looking than everyone else . I try to make myself look more like you people but I look good in anything . Please don't hate me because I am perfect . You should have held on to your dreams like I did and not sold out to being losers . I guess you could still change maybe it would be really hard but you could change and please don't hate me because I am so good looking and perfect. Feel free to get mad and say hurtful things about me if it will help you keep from blowing your head off. I will even pretend to be hurt by your empty words and insults that do not ever apply to me in any way but they may give you false hope . Maybe my writing with be what makes you feel good .I amaze myself all the time with my writing . Okay now you can cast your hate at me and try to stop me from being me but you will fail you will also never be me sorry . I can't help it really I can't , I ..........................................................

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  • 3 years ago

    I am going to exhibit what a cad I am. I ignored the primary time via that it was once a NARRATIVE, and so I assumed it was once intended to be a poem. I was once worried approximately the haphazard constitution, on account that in shorter peices haphazard works however longer portions on the whole want stanzas and acquainted line lengths to guarantee the reader wherein she or he goes. When I obtained to line seven and it stated "unmarried tear has escaped it is duct" now not "A unmarried tear has escaped it is duct" I notion it was once a foul poetic elision (and an useless one,) and I stated to myself "see, that is why I do not learn this style of factor" and CLOSED THE WINDOW. But being your YA buddy, I guilted myself to return again and THEN I noticed that it was once a NARRATIVE and that line seven was once quite often a TYPO. Anyhow, mea culpa. Very expressive piece. I could like to look the person telling the opposite men and women she knew that she cared for THEM, it's just about like hubby is the one one that merits to be instructed "I love you" earlier than it's too overdue. Maybe we will do a Valentine's subject of telling EVERYONE we adore how we think. Anyhow I am pleased I got here again. See guilt has a well motive every so often.

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  • Mizzy
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    I naturally have no style

    nor rhythm

    but, I have learned forms, even writ a sonnet or two and while I appreciate the puzzle-piece placement of words, and the mental exercise it involves, I am more of a fan of free verse, and I adore writing haiku

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  • jenny
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    8 years ago

    Your song sings prue and true,

    no danger here for me,

    I pen as no one else, nor would

    one ever like to pen as me.

    I flow free as does the breeze

    no form concern a rebel amateur

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  • 8 years ago

    Tis sonneting we will go this Sunday.

    I to a short story involving a lizard, yes, lizard.

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  • 8 years ago

    You inspired a Sonnet. I posted it separately on the board.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    we were not all cut out like to be the same

    if I tried to write like you? I could I suppose

    but why would I want to? I want to write like me...

    why would I want to write like them

    dead people who shoved their heads

    in ovens and worse?

    if I have to do harm to myself and commit

    suicide to be a poet

    then I do not want to be one

    and in that thought I find a poetic ruby

    to hone down into at poetic truth.

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