Ronaldo/messi the greatest ever?

These days, it's impossible to make a claim like that. There are so many people who just hold traditionalist views and refuse to accept that anyone will ever be as good as george best, pele, puskas etc. It's the same for everything, films, books, singers.

it seems that everyone refuses to believe that the heroes of yesteryear will be bested.

many of these people never even experienced these people play, and are just going on what they've heard.

Compare video footage of pele/di stefano with ronaldo/messi and it's beyond any doubt who is better. The skill, the touch, the athleticism the speed the strength. no to mention the quality of the opposition. These days, the top 3 leagues in europe are melting pots, hybrid styles of football created from the best of the best from around the world. Players are so much fitter, with more stamina. People call la liga easy, but pele played in the brazilian the 1960s. please.

Ronaldo, for all the reasons he gives to hate him, is a sublime footballer. at least the second best in the world. 146 goals in 144 games for the worlds biggest club? yikes.

as for messi, I would go as far to say that he is the most talented sportsman I have ever seen. these two are so far ahead of the competition. both modern and historic, that it's just become pathetic to try and hold on to these old beliefs that 'old is good'.

and as for people who say fat ronaldo is better than thin ronaldo, just no. stop deliberately trying to be counter intuitive

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  • Ian
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    8 years ago
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    Why did you even include Ronaldo ?

    Messi can definetly be compared with the greatest, but Ronaldo ?

    Very knowledgable people like Arsene Wenger & Graeme Souness believe Messi is the greatest of all time already.

    You have to look past goals and even assists. Messi is on another level.

  • 8 years ago

    I think it is very difficult to say the greatest ever, you can probably just be the greatest of your time! It is almost impossible to compare De Stefano and Puskas with Pele and Maradona, or Cruyff and Muller with Ronaldo and Messi. The way we play football has changed. You can only be the best in your own time, can't you. Also, you could argue that Maldini was a better player in defence than Maradona was. It's a team game after all, but we always remember the attackers don't we. I have lived through Pele's era, and then Cruyff and Maradona, Zidane, Ronaldo, Messi, etc. I never saw De Stefano or Puskas but my father tells me Puskas was magic!

    You say you think that today's players are fitter,stronger, faster, and I would totally agree with you. Improvements in sports science has made today's footballers great athletes, but I would disagree with you about skill, touch, etc! Remember, today's players benefit from better equipment, better nutrition,etc. Older players had to get on with a ball that became like a rock when it rained, and the boots!!!! Have a look at what Puskas had to play in! It was a totally different game than it is today! Some of today's players are great athletes but crap footballers, Pepe of Real Madrid is a good example. There are plenty central midfield players around who are not good with the ball at all, but are in the team for their athleticism and destructive abilities. So older is not always better, but newer isn't necessarily better either!

    Also I would agree with you that Christiano Ronaldo is a sublime footballer but I have to ask, did you see the Brazilian Ronaldo at his peak, ie not fat! He was absolutely fantastic. 3 times Ballon D'Or winner, and at times unstoppable!

    At this moment in time Messi is the best, and I think the best we have seen...... but that is just my opinion.

  • Mingle
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    8 years ago

    I thought I was the only one to think like that! I whole heartedly agree with you. I don't even know what to say. People are just supporting pele/maradona/etc. because they think they inspired the game. I agree with you that the current players have much more speed, practice, stamina. Ronaldo and messi are probably the best ever. Just because pele played in the past that doesn't mean the younger generation will just be his shadow. The current players just aren't regarded as legends because they play everyday.

  • 8 years ago

    what frustrates me is people only ever look at the attacking side of football for the best players. if we compared messi overall with zidane, zidane would be better. messi can not tackle, defend, have the aerial presence zidane had. remember messi is in the best team in the world. but messi is the best dribbler ive seen which is why he scores so much and because hes in a team that keeps the ball all the time he scores tons. so in my opinion the best players in my lifetime has been zidane, can do everything, also imagine how good best would have been if he werent an acoholic lol

    also i think gerrard at his prime in 2006 was the best in the world, fa cuo final 2006 enuf said. i will always give these awards to those midfield players who everything, like viera did, like wesley sneijder. well thats

    just my opinion

    Source(s): watching football since the mid 90's
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  • 8 years ago

    you know why C.Ronaldo is not considered one of the best because when you watch him play his extremely average he doesn't do anything that really amazes you there has been hundreds of players like him

    and Messi he is amazing but when you can't perform at an international stage you are nothing

    and "fat" Ronaldo is much better, what took Cristiano over 8 years to achieve "fat" Ronaldo achieved in only 3-4 years

    I will give you an example of a great

    Zidane every time he touched the ball it was magic and EVERY SINGLE SEASON he performed at his best and even the biggest teams in the world respected him like in 2006 against Brazil they gave him so much space because they knew if they got close he would embarrass them

    and also every tournament he was with his country he performed when they needed him the most

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You cant say dat Pele and Maradona were so good because the defenses back then weren't dat good.. they didn't know any better..its like people saying 50 years from now dat Messi and Ronaldo were only good because the defenses aren't structured as today (50 years from now)

    Your being narrow minded..what do you think Muller was scoring goals and thinking no one is gonna think im good because im scoring in the 70s? exactly.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Brian Deane for me mate. He had absolutely everything. Don't just take my word for it:

    Pep Guardiola : "Out of everyone at Sheffield United, I would pick out Deane - he is the best striker of his generation, I would have loved to have played alongside him."

    Glenn Hoddle : "There isn’t a player of his mould anywhere else in the world."

    Terry Venables : "He’s the best finisher in the country. He sees the game unlike any other player."

    Edgar Davids : ""Every one of us is just trying to become as good as him. Everyone can learn from Brian Deane."

    Edgar Davids : "I'm not the best, Brian Deane is."

    Tony Adams : "I really rate Brian Deane, because he hasn't got the high profile of many of the Sheffield United players, he doesn't get too much attention, but he is one very good player. He is an intelligent player, he works hard and he scores some great goals. He is not flamboyant and is a quiet lad off the pitch but he is a tremendous asset to Sheffield United and to England. He has already got my vote as player of the year."

    Cesc Fabregas : "He is the one whose level I aspire to. He is the best player in the Premier League."

    Patrick Vieira : "The player in the Premiership I admire most? Easy - Deane."

    Thierry Henry : "I can't understand why Deane has never won the player of the year award. He should have won it long ago. Maybe it's because he doesn't seek the limelight like some of the other 'stars'."

    Zinedine Zidane : "My toughest opponent? Deane of Sheffield. He is the complete striker."

    Zinedine Zidane : "Deane is undoubtedly the best striker of his generation."

    Sam Allardyce : "There is not a better striker in the world."

    Kevin Keegan : "What Sheffield United have got that Barcelona haven't is Brian Deane. I think he is different to anything else in World football."

    Marcello Lippi : "Brian Deane would have been one of my first choices for putting together a great team - that goes to show how highly I have always rated him. Deane is a player I have always liked, because he combines great talent and technical ability with mobility, determination and a superb shot. He is an all-round striker who possesses character and quality in abundance. In my opinion, he's been one of the most important players for Sheffield United under Dave Bassett."

    Ray Wilkins : "I'm saddened because I think we as spectators, not only in this country but right through out Europe and the rest of the World, will be missing one hell of a footballer."

    Gordon Strachan : "Brian Deane has been the best England midfield striker for 30-odd years. You'd probably have to go back to Bobby Charlton to find someone who could do as much as Deane. When the ball arrives at his feet he could tell you where every player on that pitch is at that moment. His awareness is superb."

    Veron while at Chelsea being asked in an interview who's the best english player : "Brian Deane."

    Peter Schmeichel : "People say he is a great player, but you have to define what a great player is, For me, it is a player who has a bottom level that means his worst performance is not noticed.If he is having a bad game, a team-mate might feel Brian Deane is not quite on his game, but a spectator wouldn't notice. Deane, of all the players I have played with, has the highest bottom level. His reading of the game is unsurpassed.He has an eye for a pass, for what the play or the game needs at that precise moment, that I have never seen anyone else have. He controls and distributes the play and the game better than anyone I have ever seen."

    David Beckham said that, among his teammates at Real Madrid, which included Zinedine Zidane, Raúl, Ronaldo, Luís Figo and Roberto Carlos, Deane was the most admired opponent : "He's always one of those people others talk about. Even playing at Real Madrid, the players always say to me 'what's he like'? They respect him as a footballer, and to have that respect from some of those players is great."

    Brian Kidd : "Brian Deane had the best football brain I'd ever seen in a kid. Let's face it. Brian Deane is in a class of its own."

    Rio Ferdinand : "I can honestly say Brian is the best player in the England squad. For me he is the complete player."

    Rio Ferdinand : "For me, it's Brian Deane. He'll do ridiculous things in games like say, "You see that tree over there?" - it'll be 40 yards away - "I'm going to hit it". And he'll do it. Everyone at the club considers him the best."

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  • 8 years ago


    - won 3 world cups

    - Best ever

    - made santos great

    - made a world cup final

    - sports minister for Brazil

    - named greatest ATHLETE of the 20th century


    - Hand of God (best ever goal)

    - won in Spain, Italy and Argentina

    - won a world cup

    - made another world cup final

    - managed Argentina to glory


    - won a world cup

    - made a world cup final

    - best ever European player

    - won in Italy and Spain

    - won several champions leagues

    - won several Europa league

    Pelé "Messi is a great player but I don't like being compared to him, I am a lot better than he is."

    Editor "will he ever be the world best ever"

    Pelé "come back and talk to me when he has won 2 world cups"

  • 8 years ago

    12.5 million what a bargain from Fergie.Ronaldo graced the PL and the only player to even win the world player of the year from the PL.

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