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Whats it like being in a teen relationship?

Hi I'm Robert and well I've never been in a relationship.… I am 14 and graduating grade 8 in about 25 days and there was this girl I liked named Debbie I found out she likes someone else (a popular kid named Eric) and ive always imagined what it would be like if I had the courage to ask her out and know what a relationship is like but now that I know she likes someone else I'll just try to move on… can anyone tell me what a relationship is like and what I should do?

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    A relationship is what you make it to be.

    It can be sweet, joyful, filled with tears, abusive, violent, hurtful, exciting, intense, etc.

    The feeling of being wanted or needed by that other person.

    Looking for a person you can't live without not live with.

    Having a partner that should help you through thick and thin.

    Having a partner that can be your best friend at the same time.

    Respecting your parents and so forth.

    Never putting you down and trying to comfort you.

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    Teenage relationships are hard because that's when everyone is discovering things about themselves, so it's hard to focus on holding onto a relationship. But some relationships do last throughout high school

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    Debbie? DEBBIE?! That's such a 45 year-old chain-smoking stripper name.

    Anyway, girlfriend, here's the answer to your question: teen relationships are really, REALLY annoying.

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