Fix for odd chapped lips?

My lips aren't prone to chapping and there isn't an obvious reason for them to be dry. I haven't been licking them a lot or hanging out in a different climate or eating really acidic things. But a week or so ago my lips suddenly got really chapped and sore. The weird part is that there also seems to be a small patch of rashy/chapped skin above and below them too. :C It does hurt. I started putting a Vaseline type ointment on them and that stopped the pain, but they didn't heal. Right now I'm using a Blistex medicated lip ointment and, again, that's helping the pain, but they're not healing. I'm worried that this might be an allergic reaction or something but I haven't eaten anything weird, and it doesn't look like a cold sore.

Does anyone here know more about this than I do? Do you have any advice?


(Oh. And since Yahoo! suggested I put this in the STD section, I'd better mention that I haven't had my first kiss yet, much less anything else, so this isn't anything like that.)

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    9 years ago
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    This sounds like an infection. Better see a doctor so the appropriate medication can be prescribed.

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