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How do I get enough confidence to do what I've always wanted?

Ever since I have been little I have always wanted to be a recording artist. I'm now finished scdhool but I'm convinced I'll never get where I dream. I decided that I should just look for an alternative path but I feel as if I'm hopeless at everything. I never sing infront of people because I despise the chance of people judging me, but I know I have what it takes. I just can't bring myself to do anything.

I look for as much motivation as I can, but nothing seems to work for me. & if I built up the confidence I needed, I wouldn't know where to start. How do people the big time? I know it takes alot of work but I'm completely hopeless. I feel I need someone to help me through everything.

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    We here can give you plenty of advice to start out with for multiple ways to make it to the 'big time'.

    Be it with singing, mentors. agencies, studios, apprenticeships, performance groups, career suggestions, or even academics that can help build a portfolio of experience...

    But it appears more of a social interaction issue, in conjunction with your own self confidence of what you can really do and have the interests or desires strong enough to accomplish what you really want, for now.

    Realize it does take personal wisdom and fortitude to make the decisions necessary to get anything accomplished, in gear, and into regular practice. This is what is behind any motivation, creative properties and career paths or change in lifestyle anyone has to eventually make for themselves.

    First know what your priorities really are. It may be the common sense at first, even survival and this is important enough to then having to support any 'dream' you may want to pursue in the meantime. If it is strong enough, it will come soon enough, during your course of action and while you find a workable blend of that ability and having the practical skills for living as you want to.

    Just try, and get into it, no matter at what level you can then handle and go from there.

    p.s.: If you are serious about voice, get into recording and playback (even pay for a studio session as an extreme) to build some reference and self training for now. It certainly helps to know what you really sound like and what can be improved upon before going 'live' for any other ears. A beginning at least, and truth in such reality.

    Learn to take any criticism as constructive advice, and not having to take it as an offense of your person or who you are, but as an artist willing to learn more of their abilities and willing to work on them for the better. Be grateful for that, and even any failures that can become real lessons for expereince. Be patient.

    Source(s): 46 years guitar and keyboard player (retired commercial and graphic artist, writer, widower, woodworker, animal lover and good barbeque cook) been around some (with a small home recording studio)
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    I don't think you should doubt yourself, your beauty is perfectly fine, why indeed you actually remind me of actress Sissy Spacek. She is so beautiful, even in her old age. Hey, look it's not about beauty, it's about confidence and talent. And I am pretty sure if you have confidence you definetly have talent. And if you have the talent but not the confidence - in time that confidence will be built to help you further your success in the acting business or any other businesses and jobs that you will find. It's about talent child, and self-confidence; not the beauty lol.

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    Well...I know it's hard to confront your fears like others judgements, but I'd recommend start with little things, like performing to your close friends or family. Then maybe karaoke. I always have a little fear when I'm performing, but it's just me and I love my instrument so much it doesn't bring me down. :) So, just start with something smaller and it really helps. ;)

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