Can I use an inline 3-prong "fan speed control" dial to control a freezer?

Can I use a fan speed control, which is essentially an extension cord with a dial in it (which regulates the power that reaches the fan, and thus controls its speed) to help me control the temperature of my brewing freezer (which is meant to reach a warm-fridge/cool-room temperature (40-75 F))? I have seen dial controls around, but they tend to have a thermometer probe attached, which can regulate temperature based on what it senses inside.

Ultimately my question is this: can I use an in-freezer thermometer to measure the temperature and dial it in with a fan controller dial until it is correct? Or, could I use a timer to turn it on full-tilt for a few minutes or an hour (or whatever is necessary to maintain the required temperature) at a time to control the temp?

Of course, I've heard that some freezers are very versatile with no modifications (I'm getting this thing tonight, used, so I don't know a WHOLE lot about it, just trying to be prepared with other gear I may need).

Thanks for all thoughts!

2 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    Most freezers have their own "built in" dial control, but they are not usually graduated in degrees of temp and only indicate "warmer" or "cooler" on the control dial.

    If you put a freezer thermostat in the freezer it would not take you long to zero in on the temp that you want to maintain with the dial control.

  • N9KXF
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    What you need is an Appliance Thermostat.

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