How to take inventory at a clothing store?

okay so tomorrow I am going to help out at a clothing store to help with inventory and I know that it means I am basically counting and taking stock to find out what's missing and all that.

But can someone tell me what the exact steps are so I don't look like a complete idiot?

I know that we are using a scanner but I just want to make sure I know everything basic before I go in there.


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    By saying that they will be using a scanner, I assume that every barcode on each item will be scanned, and the rest of the work will either be done by a computer system, or you will have to note down the item or tick it on a checkbox on a paper list. Every store has different ways of taking inventory, and it doesn't hurt to ask if you don't know. You'll only seem like a nuiscance(and not an idiot) if you repeatedly ask the same questions over and over. So, what you can do is (if unsure) go to someone who looks 'kind' enough to be willing to assist you, ask them a question, ask them to show you how it's done and then repeat what they did. Another way is to observe carefully and spot people doing something similar to you, spot many of them and observe exactly what they are all doing. You can also figure out what to do through observation.

    Don't be afraid to ask though. Better to do it right after asking then to mess it up and lose your job.

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