How many acres of land are needed to feed one person?

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It has to be year round so mabye some crop rotation, rotation or changing. There can be chickens for eggs ONLY, how much space of free range does each chicken need? There also are more
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  • Cris answered 2 years ago
I was just reading something a few days ago that said as little as 1800 square feet would be enough room to feed one person. I can't find it though ;-{

There is really no easy answer to this- it depends on where you are, what you eat (or will eat) , your level of devotion and time,etc.

In any case to maximize the amount of food and have a low ratio of labor and money inputs I would definitely recommend Permaculture techniques such as foodforesting, microclimates, multicropping as opposed to monocropping,etc.

Having a mostly vegetarian diet will also massively reduce the amount of space needed as raising animals to eat uses lots of resources.

Also remember that perennial vegetables help to make food harvesting more "year round' and reduce labor compared to replanting every year.


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  • Rhubarb answered 2 years ago
    You could do it on 2 acres.
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