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is it a lie that planes are safe?should i give up my hobby of flying?

i think i should give up flying unless u can convince me its safe. the media thinks its safe. that makes me question its safety is this.

here are instances of plane crashes.

a. in brazil a plane mysteriously disappears in 09. fishy huh.

b. polish poresidnet dies in a plane crash.

c. hockey team dies in a plane crash.

d. r & b singer aaliyah dies in a plane crash

e. on sept 11, 2001 there was a terrorist attack.

f. here is a Air Transat Flight 236 incident. although no one was hurt, i find it fishy that if planes r safe, why would it suddenly lose control in the air.

eminem mentions in his song when im gone lyrics:"The sky darkens, my life flashes, the plane that I was supposed to be on crashes and burns to ashes." eminem is a clever lyricist, i doubt he would mention plane crashing if it doesnt happen.

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    Yes they do crash, however, based on your concept you should also give up driving or riding your bike or getting on a bus and never ride a train or cross the street! More people die every year in traffic than on planes.

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    Cause 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s All

    Pilot Error 41 34 24 26 27 30 29

    Pilot Error (weather related) 10 17 14 18 19 19 16

    Pilot Error (mechanical related) 6 5 5 2 5 5 5

    Total Pilot Error 57 56 43 46 51 54 50

    Other Human Error 2 9 9 6 9 5 7

    Weather 16 9 14 14 10 8 12

    Mechanical Failure 21 19 20 20 18 24 22

    Sabotage 5 5 13 13 11 9 9

    Other Cause 0 2 1 1 1 0 1

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    Per user you're statistically far more likely to be killed crossing the road or driving your car. Obviously when a passenger plane crashes it does it in style and everybody gets torn to pieces and cooked, this always hits the headlines. However, what never hits the headlines are the millions of people who reach their destination unscathed. The thousands that die on the roads rarely get mentioned in the news because these deaths are an everyday occurrence.

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    actually airplanes are the safest form of transportation and just because it may not seem safe you don't have to give up your hobby of flying also it is a one in a million chance of you crashing or dieing on a plane

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    By this logic, you should also stop driving or using any other form of transportation. No walking either. You might break your leg or there could be an earthquake. For that matter, you should just stop breathing. You might get pneumonia and die.

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    Nearly everything in life involves some kind of risk.Even if you hide in a nuclear bomb shelter for the rest of your life you will one day die eventually anyway.So it's about doing things ,and you decide for yourself weather it's an acceptable risk level.

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    i will purely answer the existence coverage area of your question. If he began flying for the reason that beginning the coverage, touch your coverage agent. each existence coverage utility i've got seen (which I admit isn't very many) asks in specific approximately pilot events, and many have a supplement asking approximately flight journey and deliberate flight events. in accordance with how those questions are spoke back, the techniques usually contain an aviation-proper unintentional death exclusion clause till you purchase one extra rider to cover such injuries. If that's a difficulty, it could desire to be worth whilst to "coverage save" in specific for aviation-proper twist of destiny coverage. A familiar existence coverage business enterprise shouldn't cover such injuries for any style of lifelike top rate, yet a business enterprise that makes a speciality of coverage to purely cover aviation-proper deaths can supply a miles extra valuable fee. AOPA is the 1st that is composed of innovations. right here is my disclaimer: I fly professionally and took out a existence coverage coverage after earning my ATP, so I had extra techniques available. My existence coverage business enterprise will cover me whilst flying for hire without one extra rider, yet with the aid of fact of my flying, i do no longer qualify for the great-favored fee (i'm 30, non-smoker, no well being issues, suited weight... my purely "black mark" is that i'm a pilot for a residing). EDIT: The "disclaimer" in basic terms ability that i did no longer could desire to handle procuring one after the different for aviation existence coverage; my commonly used coverage covers me, yet I did could desire to bounce through some hoops to get the coverage. just to make sparkling, my advice for the aviation existence coverage coverage is as properly on your commonly used existence coverage coverage, no longer a replace. you are able to save the single you have (notably if that's a term existence coverage coverage and you have a cost locked in) and in basic terms upload yet another coverage that for the duration of specific covers you whilst he's in a plane.

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    if you're this much of a wuss go ahead and stay home under your bed covers and stay there for the rest of your life

    it's not my problem really

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    Daniel, you should give up flying, and driving and posting on YA.

  • 8 years ago

    flying is your hobby and now all of a sudden you start thinking its unsafe?

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