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Are our CO2 emissions making us fat?

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http://sciencenordic.com/new-theory-co2-makes-you-fat This study seems to link the two. Would a hypobaric chamber with low CO2 concentrations cause weight loss? If these ...show more
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See, it's not just plant food--it's people food too!

Thanks for the link Jim.

EDIT: Good one Pindar!

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That is pretty funny. I first thought Pindar was saying he was a frat man and then I realized my r was in the wrong place. It was a tough call between yours and Pindar's
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  • bunny jesus edited 3 years ago
    What an amazing article!

    "But Hersoug says the hypothesis gives us no excuse for dropping diets and exercise – on the contrary.

    “We know already that a sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for many diseases,” he says. “According to our theory, this may be because of the higher acidity in the blood arising from a sedentary lifestyle indoors in a CO2 concentration that is higher than it is outdoors.”

    On the other hand, he says, “If you’re out running, you get your blood circulating and you can pump much of the CO2 out of your body, so our hypothesis is really further evidence that exercise is healthy. And exercise may be even more necessary in the future, when we can expect even higher CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere.”

    Hersoug adds that fruit and vegetables also reduce the blood’s pH value, so the CO2 theory is also an argument for eating more healthily."
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  • B answered 3 years ago
    Sorry but this is just stupid. It even said it was a 22 year study. So i doubt you want to sit in a chamber for 22 years haha. In the end it said it was the CO2 making you want to eat more, so really it just proves that it is your diet that makes you fat. The reasons why you want to eat don't really matter, it is still the eating that is doing it.

    For the training in the mountains, that has nothing to do with the CO2 but everything to do with the thin air and lack of oxygen causing your heart to have to pump more blood to your muscles so they get the oxygen they need.This act of your body "struggling for air" makes you burn more calories. Many athletes train at high altitudes to increase carido, it's nothing new that it's beneficial to do so.

    Not a billion dollar industry, just a billion dollar waste of time. Fat people are fat because they eat more calories than they burn off, end of story.
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  • Gringo answered 3 years ago
    Would this perhaps be a good reason for Rush Limbaugh to stop doubting that rising CO2 emissions are bad?
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  • antarcticice answered 3 years ago
    Sorry I thought your claim was you were a scientist, if you were, you would know that there are always some obscure scientists (in many fields of science) who come up with wild and little followed theories, heck, without these scientists deniers would loose 2rd's of their experts.
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  • Big Gryph answered 3 years ago
    Who cares. This idea might be appropriate to the entertainment area of yahoo answers (if there is one) or just print it and store it in the circular file where it will be as pertinent as the other trash.

    I find it to be very juvenile to post these types of questions which primarily waste others time.
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  • david b answered 3 years ago
    Their hypothesis seems a bit thin to me.

    yuck yuck
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  • Pindar answered 3 years ago
    I think you missed out the letter ' r ' from the word fat.
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    "Nope, CO2 doesn't make you fat, it does cause World Wide Bumper Crops though"

    If only that were true...sadly, if you studied biology, you would know its not
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  • Maxx edited 3 years ago
    Nope, CO2 doesn't make you fat, it does cause World Wide Bumper Crops though. And if you eat too much, that will make you fat.

    2007 U.S. Corn Crop Predicted Largest in History

    Global rice production set to hit record in 2011-2012—FAO

    The Sunny Side To Global Warming? - Reader’s Digest - Asia, March 2006

    Warm winter brings bumper vegetable crops amid shortage fears (2011)

    African crops: Algerian government predicts that, on current projections, "agricultural production will more than double by 2020"


    Jungle Jim - Seeing is believing.

    Time Lapsed video of increased CO2 effect on plants

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  • Are our CO2 emissions making us fat?
    This study seems to link the two.

    Would a hypobaric chamber with low CO2 concentrations cause weight loss? If these scientists are serious, there is a billion dollar weight loss industry out there. I doubt even they believe their conclusions. I thought it was entertaining anyway.
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