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Best friend is my worst enemy?

I have bff for 20 years. I'm 27 we grew up together but I fear that in recent years she has hate me but still keeps me as a friend. I know she talks about me behind me.back because she told my ex that I had an abortion before I was with him. She makes.plans with me so I get a sitter and then blows she stays on facebook posting comments directed at me -being passive aggressive.she posted a comment saying "daddy doesn't buy her everything "because my father gave me his car to use when mine crashed. She got way too involved in my relationship with my sons father and talks horribly.about him. I know I told her too much about my relationship but I thought that's what friends are for--- I was wrong. I feel like when I tell her things.about my life that aren't great or positive she loves it. I think she wishes bad things to happen to me and is happy at my misfortune. I don't know whether to cut her out life completely. Or just ignore her and let it fade away. I'm beyond confrontation because all she will do is deny plus that only gives another story to spread around and tell people... does anyone have a friend who is a secret.enemy???

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    After 20 years I would not ignore anything. Keep your sleeves clean. Just talk to her what you don't like and than suggest a "break" from each other. Let's see how she reacts.

    No matter how long you know someone, there can always be changes in perception. Nothing is for certain, but I know it must hurt. Still, think about your self worth and how you want this friendship to continue and what you are willing to tolerate.

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    well I know i have some friends who pretends to be friends with me. What i do is I dont tell them anything thats gossipy. but since i dont really have much of an exciting life i dont really have much to tell anyway. what i would do if i were you is stop contacting her and ignore her. she just want you to look like a fool and bad to everybody.and she will continue. if you want to continue to be friends just dont tell her anything and try blowing her off instead. to show how much it feels to be on the other side, tho dont gossip cause that would make you seem as bad as she is. me i would just stop completly and not talk to her, im not the revenge kinda girl. i hoped i helped! :)

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