Why haven't we returned to the moon?

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I believe its because it was all fake and if they repeat it with modern day cameras people will easily see its fake. If not that then extraterrestrials warned us and nasa just ...show more
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No, the moon landings were real. Don't believe conspiracy theories. They are propagated by people who are poorly educated and unscientific.

Manned space exploration is a waste of money and carries with it a hugh risk to human life. The reason for sending spacecrafts/probes/telescopes out of the earth is to do scientific research. There is no need for humans to be sent as well. Human scientists are only needed on earth to receive transmissions of data sent by these robotic emissaries to interpret and study the results.

The manned Apollo missions to the moon were not purely scientific in their motives. It was a space race between the USA and the USSR and formed a part of the Cold War.

Please read Stephen Pyne's book "Voyager: Seeking New Worlds in the Third Great Age of Discovery" to understand.
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  • Loosey™ answered 2 years ago
    The cost/benefit ratio for going back to the moon sucks. This does not mean we aren't ever going back. If there is water-ice at the Moon's south pole, then it would be very worthwhile to go back; and if we would quit pissing away our money on trillion dollar wars in some desert rathole so we can fill up our gas-guzzling SUV's for under $100, we could enter that new frontier. Sorry for the mini-rant, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
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  • Diana T answered 2 years ago
    We have. Several times.
    A total of twelve men have landed on the Moon. The first two were Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on Apollo 11, and the last manned mission took place on 14 December 1972 UTC with Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt on Apollo 17. Cernan was the last to step off the lunar surface.

    The Moon landings were absolutely genuine; we have enough scientific facts to be certain of it. From contemporary radio transmissions, to lunar laser ranging experiment. If you want to familiarise with facts, it is easy to do so. If you want to believe conspiracy theories, nothing can change your mind.
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  • ? answered 2 years ago
    "with modern day cameras people will easily see its fake"

    You mean like this:


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  • Colin answered 2 years ago
    Money. Next?
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  • Faesson answered 2 years ago
    What you believe doesn't matter, grasshopper.

    The Moon landings were real. Its pretty obvious, if you think about it. I recommend that.

    Aliens don't exist. That is also pretty obvious.

    Don't get a headache!
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  • WallyZ answered 2 years ago
    Because the real reason that we went to the moon was satisfied.
    In one word, funding. But I can tell by the way you type, you want more.
    Remember this was during the cold war. When the Russians put up sputnik, it exposed a potentially severe national security issue. If they could put up suputnik, they could also put up a weapon or surveillance cameras. We knew that it should be possible to put someone in space and possibly on the moon. Expanding that they could build a military base as well. That is unless we beat them showing that we could do it and probably do it faster. So we started the space programs and remember that all of the first astronauts were from military, mostly Air Force. What happened is that Russia basically went broke and we won the race. But after that, since there as no need to build a base or a colony, there was no funding. Hence no more moon shots and we went to orbital tasks, which there were some demand for. z
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  • Tom S answered 2 years ago
    It certainly was not fake, it was very well documented and our adversaries the Soviets were watching very closely, surely the would have pointed out the hoax, but instead they confirmed it and offered congratulations.

    We have not gone back because it cost quite a lot of money and without a very good reason it would be pointless to just keep doing over and over again, six successes in seven attempts made the point already.
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  • GeoffG answered 2 years ago
    We HAVE returned to the Moon, regularly, with satellites, probes and robotic missions. We haven't had any _manned_ expeditions since 1972 because they are expensive and dangerous.

    The six Apollo Moon landings are among the best documented events in human history: thousands of pictures, hours of video, 382 kg. of Moon rocks, and millions of eye witnesses, including myself. There is not a single scientist in the world who doubts that they took place. To deny them is to discredit the magnificent achievement of the team which went to the Moon, and to reveal abysmal scientific ignorance.

    The proofs of the Moon landings have been documented in detail on web sites like these:

    If further proof is needed, NASA recently released images from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter showing 5 of the 6 Apollo landers, still on the surface of the Moon:
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  • Tedward answered 2 years ago
    What do I think?I say you cannot prove it was fake.

    The evidence stands until you can knock it down.

    The reason why is money and political will.
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  • George Patton answered 2 years ago
    Anyone who can look into all the various Moon hoax myths and still believe the landings were faked is an absolute fool. It would take an even bigger fool to think aliens warned NASA about somthing.... There are 2, and only 2, reasons why we haven't returned to the Moon. 1) Money. Going to the Moon costs a LOT of money. 2) Politics. Politicians are concerned only with getting re-elected. They couldn't care less about advancing this country. If a project is very complex, and VERY expensive, but isn't going to help them get re-elected then why bother?
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  • Lord of Armageddon answered 2 years ago
    They were real.
    The reason we haven't gone again is because of the economy, and there isn't much of a purpose. What could we possibly want on the moon?
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  • karaokeman answered 2 years ago
    Money and lack of it.
    They did land on the Moon. It was not a lie, American astronauts made the successful journey to the moon, landed and took home lots of moon rocks to prove their trip as authentic.
    No other nations have went to the moon because there is no point to go back since we've already been there. Most space agencies would rather save their budgets for future manned missions to Mars and so fort.
    There was 6 Moon Missions that landed on the lunar surface during the Apollo era.
    None of these Apollo Moon Landing's were hoaxed.
    I will discuss and disprove the conspiracy theories you may be familiar with.
    Think about it logically;
    The spacecrafts were definitely launched by NASA, which is difficult to fake.
    Second the Apollo crafts could NOT have orbited the Earth for 8 days as some of the conspiracy theorists have claimed. If NASA had of done that they would have been caught on their lie, especially if they did it six times.
    The Russians tracked the Apollo missions very closely and they knew for a fact that none of the missions were faked. If they only had the slightest clue that the Moon Landing was faked it would have been the ultimate propaganda weapon for use against the US and to Capitalism.
    The flag waves because it was planted in the soil and Armstrong twisted the poles. This is obvious because in other footage you can see the flag is not moving when he walks past it.
    There are no stars in the pictures because they were taken from the daylight side of the moon. Remember too there was no air to diffuse the star's light and thus they were incredibly dim on the lunar surface.
    Also the reason there is no blast crater beneath Apollo 11 is because when the craft landed it reduced speed upon landing on the Moon's surface, so all that it did was blow away dust. The same is with driving into a car park because you don't drive in at 30 miles an hour.
    The reason that there is a "C" on some of the rocks in the photos is because a crosshair got caught on the negative. This often happens, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
    Over 3 quarters of a million people were working on the project in total. It would have been impossible for every 1 of them to keep a secret.
    Even filming the landing would have been MORE DIFFICULT than landing on the Moon itself. Think about the number of people they would have needed to shoot the Moon landing in a film studio.
    Lastly if the Moon Landing was faked, we would have found out years ago. These things don't last 43 years without an answer.


    All evidence given in my answer
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  • Alex answered 2 years ago
    Cows are on the moon and that is their turf. If we get near them the Cow King will milk US to death. It seems impossible but anything is possible in the moon, for example, humans float on the moon!


    The Government knows things we don't!
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  • aam641 answered 2 years ago
    I don't know about WE, but I haven't returned to the Moon, because I've never been there. The 12 astronauts who landed on the Moon have not returned, because they got old and sending them back now would not be unethical. As to why YOU didn't return to the Moon, I'd rather not speculate. My answer would get me banned.
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  • ? answered 2 years ago
    Questioning success is always a favorable habit of mankind. Be in a neutral state and respect Neil Armstrong as the first person to land on moon. I have read evidences such stating about fake landing. But as said question success ia a favorable habit of mankind. Respect Armstrong!
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