Does the fine tuning of the four fundamental forces favor Creative Design or mindless chance?

A Fine-Tuned Universe—By Chance?One major question has to do with the fine-tuning of our cosmos. Why is the universe equipped with fixed physical laws and with natural constants that are precisely and ideally suited to support a planet like ours and all the life on it?

What do we mean by fine-tuning? Consider, for instance, the precise settings of four fundamental physical forces: electromagnetism, gravity, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force.* These forces affect every object in the universe. They are set and balanced so precisely that even slight changes could render the universe lifeless.

The weak nuclear force keeps our sun burning at a steady rate

The strong nuclear force binds the nucleus of atoms together

Gravity is responsible for keeping objects on the earth

Electromagnetism is the force behind lightning

If these four forces were not precisely tuned and

balanced, no life would be possible

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  • Elijah
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    8 years ago
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    Many scientists have described a "fine-tuned" Universe. For the sake of brevity, I have listed only two quotes:

    "One cosmic coincidence: that there was one extra proton produced in the early universe for every 10 billion or so protons and antiprotons. Without these little guys, matter would have annihilated with antimatter, and there would be no matter left in the universe today, intelligent or otherwise."

    "In fact, the origin of the excess of matter over antimatter is one of the most interesting unsolved problems in physics today...This excess is very relevant to our existence."


    "It turns out, however, that it is not so easy to design a universe that expands, as our universe does, without either recollapsing very quickly in a reverse big bang -a big crunch- or expanding so fast that there would have been no time for matter to clump together into stars and galaxies. The initial conditions of the universe, or some dynamical physical process early in its history, would have to be VERY FINE TUNED [emphasis mine] to get things just right."


    "At a fundamental microphysical level, there is a whole slew of cosmic coincidences that allowed life to [exist] on Earth. If any one of a number of fundamental physical quantities in nature was slightly different, then the conditions essential for the [existence] of life on Earth would not have existed. For example, if the very small mass difference between a neutron and proton (about 1 part in 1000) were changed by only a factor of 2, the abundance of elements in the universe, some of which are essential to life on Earth, would be radically different from what we observe today.

    "Along the same lines, if the energy level of one of the excited states of the nucleus of the carbon atom were slightly different, then the reactions that produce carbon in the interiors of stars would not occur and there would be no carbon - the basis of organic molecules - in the universe today." - Lawrence M. Krauss, Ambrose Swasey Professor of Physics and Professor of Astronomy and Chairman of the Dept. of Physics at Case Western Reserve University

    Also consider the comments from Science Digest, October 1983, p. 24:

    "At the heart of the mystery lies the discovery that many of the familiar structures of the physical world—atoms, stars, galaxies, and life itself—are remarkably sensitive to the precise form in which the fundamental laws of physics manifest themselves. So sensitive are they that the slightest shift in nature's parameters would bring about a catastrophic change in the organization of the cosmos. It seems as though somebody has FINE-TUNED [emphasis mine] nature's numbers to make the universe work properly.

    "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? [emphasis by Science Digest writer] .... Scientists are aware that if the catalog of `happy accidents' had not worked out so propitiously, we should not be around to comment on the fact. Any old universe won't do—it has to be a well-organized job."

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I'm not a scientist but I do know a lot of highly esteemed scientists are baffled by the seemingly fine tuned universe.

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  • 8 years ago

    Anyone who has studied physics knows that the universe is not nearly as finely tuned as creationists would like to pretend it is.

    You obviously don't understand the concept at all since you had to copy and past that "question" directly from the Watchtower.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    And your evidence they were "fine tuned" would be...?

    Oh, right. You have none. You're just making a rather silly and fallacious argument from incredulity (and ignorance).

    Never mind then.

    It's no "miracle" that we, as we are, exist in a universe that naturally allows for us to exist. It couldn't be any other way. What would be a "miracle," and perhaps even suggestive of "creative design," would be if we existed as we are, but in a universe that *didn't* naturally allow for us to exist -- and therefore something supernatural would be required for us to exist. But that's not the case.


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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If you are going to try and use the fine tuning argument, at least find out what it is.

    It isn't compulsory to give atheists an easy time of it.

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  • multiverse explains the values although it seems clear that Nature is primed to generate the potential for sentience to arise but that has zero to do with any anthropomorphic mythology

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