What does "Fun-loving", "Full of Life" & "Living life to fullest" mean?

I often hear people describe themselves or others with this adjective, but it confuses me. The literal meaning of fun-loving is obvious, as in 'one who loves fun', but I'm guessing it has to mean something more than that. I mean, isn't that the very definition of fun? Something that is a source of joy and/or pleasure? If that's all it meant, it would be entirely redundant, because everyone loves joy and pleasure by the very definition of those words, nobody like pain of being bored, isn't then everyone in world would be fun-loving, but then why only specific people are called with this adjective?. What would be the opposite of someone who is fun-loving? Fun-hating? I've never met a person who didn't love fun.

Also what is the exact meaning of "Full of Life" & "Living life to fullest"?

pls explain in easy language and if possible with examples. I will choose best answer if I will really get satisfactory or good explanation.

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    9 years ago
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    Fun-loving means that you enjoy good things in life.

    Full of life means a person who is positive and always happy and exuberant.

    Living life to the fullest means living wothout any restrictions or barriers and doing everything you've always wanted to do.

    Hope this helped :)

  • 4 years ago

    Our purpose in life = stay life to the Fullest. you're question makes us ask your self no count if it extremely is our in basic terms purpose in life and the thank you to realize that. life life to the Fullest = stay right this moment because it is your final day, in no way experience sorry on the subject of the previous , do not complication approximately destiny. all persons could desire to have our very own record . I honestly have mine, that is somewhat user-friendly yet possible. for occasion a million) to start each and daily joyfully and end it luckily. 2) To make a minimum of a million guy or woman's day chuffed 3) occupation determination - to attain a .... positioned up with the help of the twelve months ... the record can go on. once you have this objectives , we attempt to achive this to our purely right potential. This reviews could desire to make us wiser and a extra advantageous guy or woman . Do a private assessment each and every 10 yrs. have you ever grown wiser, has the reviews made you a extra advantageous guy or woman . If not, it's time to handle it. Has your dating with God stronger ? How is your self self assurance ? All it extremely is defined in stay life to the fullest. There are alot of different definitions for this, yet too long to pass on.

  • Cara
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    9 years ago

    I agree with Leonie, but I'd add that someone who describes herself as 'fun-loving' is probably someone who does an awful lot of screaming and giggling.

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