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Is Jeremy Lin's 3 pointer against Toronto Phenomenal?

with less than 15 seconds to go....Lin calculated the probability of the opponent to back off or stick to him..then calculated the angle of projectile to which he take account the gravitational pull, the mass, friction on his hands and the Force to which he apply to the ball...........SwoooOOsh....

...Harvard y0!!!

-the only thing he missed was that he still left .5 seconds on the clock..which means he's calculations did not equate to 0....that still could be dangerous if D. fisher was around and can shot w/in .4 sec......

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    What up Carlo,

    A game winning 3 is impressive but as i was watching the replay i have to say that Calderon gave him way too much space- and so it wasn't really a very contested three. Most NBA players (esp. point guards) can hit an open three from the top of the key.

    It is off course impressive- esp. with the timing and he gets all the credit in the world... but i think to analyze to that extent may be a bit over the top.


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    Jesus Christ! Now that we have a{acqiauo of the NBA we will have to listen to Asian fans go on and on. It was just a last minute 3 point shot! You people act like he was the only NBA player to ever win a game at the last minute.

  • 9 years ago

    He wanted to leave some time on their so the team could think they had a chance for a game winner, when he calculated their probablity to just .5%

  • 9 years ago

    Jeremy got a perfect on his SAT II Math!

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  • Sasha
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    9 years ago

    jeremy lin new exactly what he was doing. he used his math in his mind and his talent in his hand, and made the right time to shoot the ball and make it.

    i agree with you, the shot was phenomenal.

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