I like this guy how can i kinda tell him?

Well im gay and there is this really cute guy i like im in year 10 and he is in 12 we are pretty good friends and he told me he was bi. He keeps talking to me about this guy he likes in my grade who i like in year 9 but now im over him. But i really want to tell him that i like him but not in a way where i come and say "i love you" i want it to be kinda quit and for him to kinda guess that i do. I now live in Australia and he lives in america which kinda makes this a bit harder but we talk all the time on facebook. and he is going off to collage soon. Please helpppp

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  • 8 years ago
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    Ok since you only talk to him through facebook and not face to face, I'd really say that no matter what you say it will be fine because it's not face to face. But ok I guess you just need to catch him next time on facebook next time and then tell him, I would say sth. like this, "(formal greetings) so, there's sth. that I want to tell you (he responds), well I hope this doesnt ruin our friendship because you're my best friend, but now that you're going off soon, you need to know that I like you very much and not as a friend" well that's very direct and you asked how to "kinda" let him know maybe bring up other boys you like and find a way to flirtatiously tell him that he's cute and would make the perfect bf... idk I'm just getting started with this, I moved half way across the world and completely find gorgeous the boy who sits next to me in most of my classes and I swear he gives me signs that at least he likes me as a friend... It 's hard haha, god bless and good luck!

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  • Mark
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    8 years ago

    This guy sounds like a wonderful person. However since you have only talked through the computer and not met in person it is hard to say he is meant for you. Often things in the internet world do not appear to be what they are in real life. Also because you are in different parts of the world, it might make it hard to actually meet. Perhaps you might want to look for a guy living closer to you. Take step back look at the overall picture and be honest with yourself. Just take your time you never know the right guy could be closer then you think. I wish you the best.

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