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WayneH asked in PetsDogs · 9 years ago

My dogs just HAVE to mark their spot.?

I have a large wooden deck/patio. When my three Mini-Schnauzers go outside either with me or through the dog door (they are house broken), there are a few spots that they just HAVE to mark. Needless to say these places are getting stained. Is there any product I can spray or paint to keep them from marking these spots?

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  • 9 years ago
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    try spraying those spots with vinegar - sometimes that help hide the smell

  • 9 years ago

    They're attracted to those areas because of the location and the ingrained smell. Wood holds liquids and smells in, you would have to rip up the wood to completely eliminate the problem. The real issue here is that you may spend a few hundred repainting, but they're just going to go right back and pee all over it again.

    My best advice is this: Strip the wood down, sand, and re-stain or re-paint. Then apply a waterproof/polymer coating stuff. Then place a large potted plant over the area. Make sure they have low bases so the soil catches most of the pee.

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