How can I turn DC to AC to run it through a transformer.?

I need to take a 2 DC volt system that may be 3 to 5 to possibly 10 amps and turn it into AC so I can turn the 2 volts into 12 volts and possibly 120 volts. How can this be easily done.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You are pursuing an unattainable objective.

    Rethink the entire project.

    Get some in-person help from a knowledgeable individual.

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  • 8 years ago

    >How can this be easily done.

    It can't be easily done.

    You could use a boost converter to get the 2 volts up to something more useable and then run that into an inverter.

    But the problem is that 2 VDC @ 5 amps is only 10 watts of power. And you lose power every time you convert it.

    So if you custom build something to do the job you might get 2 watts at 120 VAC. Just what can you do with 2 watts? Not much.

    Start over. Why do you want to do this? You only have a few watts to work with.

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