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I'd like to say 3-0 with 10 men,well done,mind you it was 1-0 with 11?

Do you feel now City are a major threat with a 3-4-3 rather than being a man down and scoring 2 with a 3-4-2

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    9 years ago
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    I know 10 men is different to 11 men, but for me the whole of the City team wasn't there today, and they where overpowered first half by United, but if it stayed 11 men for each teams it probably would of finished something along the lines of 2-1 Manchester United, because in the game United let in 2 silly goals because i'm sure they felt in control of the game, with city being down to 10 men so they probably felt a little more relaxed, but i'm sure they would of been a lot sharper in defense if city had 11 players on the pitch. But overall United would of won it for me if all 22 players where on the pitch, but who knows, just see now if we can do the same to Liverpool.

  • 9 years ago

    I don't know how any Liverpool fan can say Man utd are rubbish when you couldn't beat them when they had 10 men? The bottom line in your question is that we were still beating you 1-0 when you had eleven players.

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