Is It wrong to wear stuff that your parents don't allow like behind their back? Please please help me?

My parents are like very strict..About a year ago they told me that I can't wear Jeans anymore..They started buying me long skirts which is absolutely GROSS!!! They took away all my Jeans and all my favorite clothes. I bought new Jeans and they find out that I did and took away all my money! Now whenever I leave the house they have to look out of the window or even follow me around in the street to see what I'm wearing. I manage to lose them every time and put on my cool jeans and stuff. See today I got caught,My mom saw me wearing a pair of Jeans and she's not talking to me.I don't really care but She might tell dad and I will be grounded and will probably never go out again. I know this is like so messed up and I'm not asking you for your advice cause I know what you guys are gonne say 'Talk to them and explain how you feel' well It doesn't work.Their not even human.. My question here is It wrong to change clothes behind their back? I'm so sick of this and I'm thinking of running away.I'm 14 by the way.

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  • 9 years ago
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    OK THIS IS SOOO NOT WRONG!! I mean (no offense) but what kind of parent doesn't allow their children to wear pants? They go good with ANYTHING!! I mean when I first read this, I thought that you'd be wearing like booty shorts and stuff. But this isn't bad. And I know how you feel because my parents don't let me go to my friends house to stay over AT ALL! But I know you said not to give you advice, but try to talk to them, and if not well then just continue to wear them, because it's not fair to take away something from someone without their consent. And to all those people saying that now and days girls dress all trashy, THATS NOT TRUE! I've seen billions of girls wear jeans and they look decent! Plus, what does it matter if she wears skinny jeans? I wear skinny jeans to school and there's nothing wrong with wearing them. And plus, that 15 year old that said that she agrees with your parents, and says that your clothes are probably trash, that's probably not even true. I mean everyone I know wears jeans and the outfits they wear with jeans ARN'T TRASHY AT ALL! And another thing, plllleeeassee DON'T RUN AWAY! That's worse than staying at your house with shelter, food and stuff that can be provided than running away to some place where it'll probably be hard to take care of yourself. Trust me I'm about your age and I can't even IMAGINE what'd I do if I ran away. Also you might want to take and your parents to some family counseling. Hope I helped (:

  • St N
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    9 years ago

    They took away your jeans and put you in long skirts so I am making two guesses. One, you are a teenager and two, the jeans were tight fitting. If both are true, then I think your parents are trying to protect you from the horny males at your school and in the neighbourhood. You don't want to hear it but a negotiation with your parents might solve the situation. You want to wear pants, not skirts. Start looking in the catalogues (Sears and whatever else you have) for loose fitting jeans and slacks that are also dressy. Find some styles you like and then leave the catalogues open at those pages where your parents will see them. After a couple of weeks, bring up the subject of pants versus skirts and see if you can arrive at a mutual agreement.

    Just saw the age so I guess the first guess was pretty stupid. The idea still works.

  • Carlos
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    9 years ago

    Trust me when you have kids of your own you will understand. Your parents are just trying to protect you from the horn dogs in your school. If you could imagine for one second the thoughts that go through the head of an average teenage boy you would gladly put on a long skirt. As a father it is struggle knowing that your daughter is the target of these teenage boys and the only thing your dad can do is make it hard for them to get their kicks off of watching you. Running away is out of the question, no one will support you, you wont be able to manage on your own and if you succeed the cops will look for you and bring you back. Why don't you just do what they want that way they can trust you with other things in the future. By being rebellious you're just proving to them that you can't be trusted and before you know it you won't be able to hang out or do things you enjoy without their say. So act like a responsible young woman and when you grow up and see all of your friends making bad decisions you will be glad you had responsible parents looking out for you.

  • 9 years ago

    It's wrong to wear stuff. Behind there back! Which means you should follow there rules. Maybe have ur mom go shopping with u at the mall and find so cute clothes she approves of maybe not long skirts but some leggings with a skirt or a cute layerd top

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Do not run away. You're still young.

    If you seriously cannot convince them, I suggest you to ask them: What is acceptable for me to wear besides long skirts?

    If they still say nothing else is acceptable, just burst out that you hate the skirts. I am sure they love you, right? Or else they won't even get so strict.

    Burst out your feelings to them. I am sure they will listen to you somehow.

    and if you REALLY want.... hide a pair of jeans somewhere (like in a bag along with other things) and sneak it on when you got out of your parents' sight. A RISKY step to take and not recommended.

    You should really try to communicate with your parents. They love you.


  • 9 years ago

    Playing devil's advocate here what they don't know surely doesn't hurt them, while long skirts can be elegant(rare cases, usually satin or silk formal ones) jeans appear much more practical and more fashionable. Oh and warmer in winter. Just a thought.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes, it is wrong. You are disrespecting your parents by disobeying them. Your favorite clothes are probably a pile of trash anyway, if you're like most girls and dress like slobs.

    If I were your mother, I would do the same thing. The way girls dress nowadays makes me sick. I actually voluntarily dress like your parents want you to dress. It's my style. I'm 15, by the way.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sorry, but as long as you live under your parents' roof you need to follow their rules. While its understandable that you are trying to establish your own identity and part of this involves pushing your parents boundaries its still pretty simple. Their house, their rules. In another four years you can live on your own and wear whatever you like.

  • 4 years ago

    Long dresses make me gag. Very ancient-librarian-lady-trying-to-be-fash... Stick to short dresses- or sometimes a knee-length one if its cute

  • 9 years ago

    Honour and respect your parents. They have your best interest at heart. They are older and wiser and have a better view of life. When you are older and wiser and understand their reasoning, then you can make wise choices for yourself.

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