Do you think Man United will be successful in there £10m bid for Lampard?

And more to the point will he go???? because i'm sure as eggs are eggs,lampard said yesterday he'll be a blue for life,yeah right,and we heard that before from the transplant kid????


edit: great answers, all T/U FROM MOI ?????

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  • 9 years ago
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    The only place Lampard will go to if he leaves Chelsea is the MLS, following the footsteps of Beckham and Henry. MLS offers decent Football and good money, so perhaps he might go there if he still wants to play Football even longer after he really does fall out of favour or something or he just can't have the physical toughness to compete with younger players, but you never know, maybe he will keep playing in the PL till hes 40 xD As for the bid, no, as AvB considers Lamps a considerable backup, and Lampard wouldn't want to go to Man United. Being at Chelsea for so damn long, why would you want to go to Man United? It's like starting over a new life with the likes of Wayne Rooney and Nani in your face all the time instead of the warm faces of Terry and such. If that isn't enough, Lampard is old, and being old, you don't want to take the extra leap and change clubs and have loads of burden, pressure, failure to adapt to Man United's style of play, getting benched, can't link up with Rooney, and missing his mates like Terry and Cech back in Stamford Bridge who he went through so much glory and despair in the course of 10 years! Basically, starting over after 10 years at Chelsea is quite painful and mentally depressing. Imagine this: Lampard standing in front of Old Trafford, holding a picture of Stamford Bridge in his hand, and painfully chucking it away into the bin. He than says to himself: "this is my new life".

    Fact: Lamps is also in good form right now, 8 goals scored in PL, so it's a heads up for him to be even more happy at Chelsea.

    And anyway, why would Ferguson welcome Lampard? I don't see why he would need him when there are players like Christian Eriksen he needs to chase! The headlines of Lampard to United won't be convincing at all for United fans if they see it, in terms of competing with City and having their squad even stronger.

    Lampard would be a fantastic addition to ANY squad if you go back to his prime, but don't get me wrong, he still is a great addition, but not to ANY squad anymore, as there are just so many other young promising Midfielders in the Football world, say Mario Goetze for example, Lamps just can't compete with a young, fresh, hyped player from Germany. People's most likely response: why would you sign a 33 year old Frank Lampard who is out of his prime and instead not chase players like Gotze, Hazard, and Eriksen?

    Chelsea fans, don't bash on me, I do also think Lampard is still a very good player!

  • 9 years ago

    No , Lampard will not move he's nearly at the end of his career already a Chelsea Legend and getting paid good , also Chelsea are a top premier league club so why would he betray them now and leave for Man united? The rumours Are Rubbish I would be shocked if he left , I Dont even think AVB will let him go anyway Man united Only offered 10m So what would tempted AVB , he still plays good at the age of 33 He's proved a match winner for Chelsea Numerous Times this Season.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No, I do not think Lampard would want to play for Man Utd.

    I am sure there are clubs in Spain, U.S., China and Russia would offer him a big pay deal for a few years.

    Lampard has a fine career and is one of the leagues highest ever scorers all from midfield, Why ruin that by going the Michael Owen path.;

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I know Man U have a massive hole in the middle of the park, but filling it with fat Frank is not the answer! Fergie needs to sign some quality and not just in CM... Right back, centre half, striker and goalkeeper. Get rid of stiffs like ferdinand, da silvas, cardiack, berbatov, park etc etc. Ten million for pie-face? What a joke! There's a lot younger and better premier league midfielders for the money. Barca must be pissing themselves. Jesus, even Spuds have a better midfield than Utd!

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  • 9 years ago

    Lampard will not be going to Manchester United.

    He is desperately unhappy at Chelsea but will stay until the summer and either leave/retire then if AVB still in charge.

    No-one would pay a £10 million transfer fee for him (although a far-east club may pay him that to sign)

    Finally, he is not the type of midfielder United need. They need a ball-winner (Nigel De Jong from City would be my choice) not a box-to-box midfielder.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    if this is the case then i for 1 will have to say that fergie is getting desperate in his old age..lampard is total pants at chelsea why on earth does he think he play better at utd where the work rate is much higher and why would fergie waste money on a player who has only 5 months left in his football career.

  • 9 years ago

    If the rumours are true, I still don't think he'd leave Chelsea. He's been there his whole career, and he wouldn't want to ruin it now by leaving to Chelsea's rivals: Manchester United. It just doesn't seem right for him to leave, and I can't imagine him playing in a United top anyway.

    Also, Chelsea would want more than 10m for Lampard. He's a legend for the club, I don't think they'd let him go that easily.

  • 4 years ago

    perfect participant. an extremely versatile midfielder who may well be an asset to the midfield of any team. yet to pay 25mil for a participant like him.. no longer possibly that needed in my opinion. Had we signed him 2 years in the past for 8mil now that should've been very much of company. yet i do no longer think of United ought to spend that favourite on him in basic terms yet. shall we see how we handle Cleverly, Carrick, Kagawa and probably even Anderson if he reaches finished wellbeing first. Then look into the likes of a sparkling addition a sprint extra down the music. Like I suggested, a perfect participant and a real asset. yet provided that he become low fee in the region of probable 15mil max. confident he probable is "nicely worth" greater effective than that with the help of Porto, yet i do no longer think of we ought to supply in and choose for him. plenty greater strategies around.

  • 9 years ago

    First of all, it's all empty rumours. United don't want him and Ferguson would in no way make a purchase like him.

    But if anyone did make a 10mil bid for Lamps, I'm pretty sure it would be accepted. That's a lot of money for a player at that stage of his career.

  • 9 years ago

    if ferguson has made that bid i think it would be 100% accepted. boas wants to sign his own players and obviously see's lampard as no more than a bit player.

    lampard will want to go to utd and play for fergie as he would get more games and be more appreciated by the manager.

    just one problem with the whole deal for those getting excited is lampards legs have gone, he is now a lot more injury prone and cant perform as consistently as he used to.

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