I got brides maids on itunes and got the extras (deleted scenes alt scenes) but i cant play them for some reason and its really frustrating does anyone know why and dont give me ****.

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  • 9 years ago
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    It's a known issue with iTunes 10. The problem is that when the files download, they remain in a temporary file instead of going to a file where they can be accessed by iTunes.

    If you go to your iTunes Media folder (for me, with Windows, the path is Libraries>Music>iTunes>iTunes Media>Downloads>(Name of a Movie) and there are files with videos in them. Those are your extras. You can play them in iTunes if you right-click and select "Open with... iTunes," but it will crash the Windows file system browser, called Explorer. If you absolutely want to watch the extras, you can do it this way and just restart Explorer when the pop-up asks you to.

    Write to iTunes support on and tell them your iTunes Extras don't work. They will credit you with a fresh download of the extras. I can already tell you it will not work. But, download it anyway and then reply to any email you get from support to say that it didn't work, and for every movie you purchased that has malfunctioning extras, you'll get your money back.

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