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How to make photo prints the same size as my A4 paper as all i'm gettin is postcard issue which is 1/4 of size?

Just bought a printer and it's stuck on postcard size,i have an Epson


I want to get into properties but finding it a lil bit tedious-can you be a bit more helpful thanx

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    You have not mentioned the program/application you are using to print the photo, there are several options.

    However, whichever package you are using, you will need to go to the print menu options to instruct the computer and printer to print to A4 size. I will presume that you are trying to print directly from a photo package.

    In your application, go to "file" menus and select "print".

    You should get a panel with your printer name (in the printer field),

    In that panel, you should have a "tick box" with the words "fit to media", tick that box.

    Then click on the button saying page setup", "properties" or "preferences" for more options.

    Select "Photo" or Best Photo", select paper type (photo papers) or appropriate paper which you are using and make sure it is set to A4 size.

    Then select the "advanced button" for the next option panel.

    Select whether Portrait or Landscape (depending on photo's orientation), untick the "High Speed" tick box.

    [Tip] The saturation slider control, move from "Zero" to "- 8", (Epsons have a tendency to use too much ink making the pictures come out dark, instead of something representing what you see on screen), educing the ink saturation generally print out a better result.

    When you have done all of the above, press "OK", then in the new panel, press the "print" button.

    (make sure your printer is on and photo paper in the feed tray)

    Your picture should now print to the full A4 size (whith a small border)

    The other way to increase the size of your picture to A4,

    Open publisher or word, select the correct orientation for the photo, go to the folder with the photo, right click on the photo, click on your document and paste the photo into the document, set your document margins "10mm" should be OK, then stretch the photo to fit the page, select print, select photo papers, select photo or best photo, select advanced button, reduce ink saturation and untick high speed, Press "OK", select print and your photo should print out as desired.

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    Without knowing make or model, check this out

    Start For XP


    Printers and faxes

    Right click the printer icon, and select printer preferences

    Select Paper/Quality tab

    Scroll down to size is and select

    Scroll down further to type is...

    Here is where you can scroll to the gloss paper you use.

    Place the photo paper to the far right, with the shiny side down.

    Have printer on Windows 7


    HP Solution center

    Click settings

    Click printer settings

    Click printer shortcuts tab

    In left window, check photo printing

    Check paper size and select

    Click ok

    Add photo paper all the way to the right, with glossy side down

    Be sure to change settings back when done

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    9 years ago

    go in to your printer properties and change the size you want to print

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