Verizon Droid phones.?

I get a new phone tomorrow! Whoo.

Right now, I've got the LG Droid Ally (crappy phone, don't recommend it). I dropped it a couple months ago and the screen is all cracked also. For those of you who are big into the Droids, could you recommend me the best Droids? verizon only please. :)


I apologize that you're with some other company that truly does suck. I love Verizon, and no other company provides service at my house.

Thanks! I've heard alot about the Thunderbolt but I've never seen it. I'd like to stay away from Motorola (bad experience with it before). I like good battery life and I've heard HTC normally has really good battery life.

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  • 9 years ago
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    some really good droid phones the bionic is far and away the best android phone on the market but is a bit bulky, the android razor is just like the old razor phones sleek small and at the same time powerful enough to get the job done. I would suggest one of those phones for sure, if you need something a bit cheaper i would go with the thunderbolt that phone is also very powerful, and its hard to go wrong with anything made by HTC

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    Well I'm not with the worst phone company ever so I can't recommend anything

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