What are the problems with evaluating teachers with students' test scores?

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  • 4 years ago

    i don't think of you prefer autonomous contractors sitting in on the classification (to remark on the above) yet I do think of that instructors ought to regularly have somebody sit down in on their type to evaluate. i will inform you that having somebody sitting in on your type to evaluate is the two daunting and particularly informative and rewarding for solid instructors. For undesirable ones, it could come as a ask your self despite the fact that it could nonetheless turn them around. i don't think of people who evaluate training would be bias and supply a solid checklist basically with the aid of fact they're an element of the gadget. That has been my journey a minimum of. those everybody is annoying, no be counted the place they arrive from. They in no way come from the comparable college. it relatively is in comparison to you buddy down the hall coaching Biology is going to do it. That being reported, instructors are evaluated so seldom it relatively is appalling. Years can pass via devoid of an assessment. they must be evaluated a pair circumstances a 365 days. Why not? it would boost issues immensely in my view. the superb instructors i comprehend certainly checklist themselves coaching and seem for faults that basically the digital camera can coach. comments are staggering for solid coaching. help is staggering to become a extra advantageous instructor. extra comments, easily.

  • 9 years ago

    Because there are kids who slack off. The teacher could be a perfectly fine teacher and if they have kids in their class who don't care about their education it's not fair for the teacher's pay (assuming the evaluation determines their pay) to be determined on some kids laziness.

  • 9 years ago

    Some kids don't test well.

    some kids don't care about a particular subject and it shouldn't reflect poorly on that teacher

    standardized tests ask for a specific answer, not necesarily the right answer, and rely on rote memorization more than critical thinking (they'll ask questions like "what date did X event happen on" rather than the far more important "why did X event happen, what were the causes and what were the repercussions") so they basicaly test a child's ability to memorize, not their ability to learn.

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