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what would you do to combat our immigrant problem?

im 33 a catholic of morality living in england...lived here a long while origin of spain......this country has many many complex problems...but i wont mention them all here, i will instead talk of the major over immigration problem.

70 milion here at the moment due to birth rates going higher and over immigration thanks to the fault of the tories and labour governments................their ineptitude has served you well.

this tiny island cant cope...our services / public services will suffocate eventually....theres too many people.

in my opinion the population of england should be how it was in the medieval period under 1 million everywhere.....maybe a lot less.

im serious about that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( teeth clenched ) becoming angry.

what would you do to eradicate or deal with this problem? do you care about it or are you a sheep with no brain? do you follow the herd?

are you afraid to step out of line?

what needs to be done about the over immigration here? should large numbers of migrants that dont need to be here be expelled from england for good?

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    Maybe they should start by kicking out all the Spanish migrants.

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    Well of course, there is no immigrant problem. The UK's governments have agreed to allow immigration into Great Britain. This allows employers to snap up cheap labour at the expense of expensive and useless indigenous workers.

    There is an illegal immigrant problem which is proving difficult to control and on Wednesday next the army will be drafted in to man the border agency checkpoints and all illegal immigrants will be shot. That will go some way to reducing numbers and when word gets out, perhaps people thinking about Great Britain as home may choose Germany or France.

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    LOL at Roger Ramsbottoms answer. If only. Michael flags up some very valid points. No benefits, no housing, no schooling and no health care would be a deterrent to people until they have lived and have proof of living in this country for at least a year. having to pay fo everything instead of it handed to them on a plate would stop a lot of immigrants and asylum seekers from coming here.

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    Charlie Tully is a stupid for sure.

    I suggest

    Follow the policies of Arab Countries. Every business is given a quota of number of visas they can get depending on the nature and size of their business. When a Company or a Business needs workers, Managers, Employees they call them from other countries by using their own money and resources. Government doesn't spend money on immigration program or on immigrants. As soon as any foreigner looses his/her job or as soon as the Labour Contract is over he/she has to leave the country within 48 hours or so. One can extend the visa or exit and re-enter the country using new visa. Only certain categories like Managers, Officers or those who earn more than certain amount of salary can bring their families with them. The employers are responsible for providing housing and other facilities like transport to and fro workplace to their employees. This way Government puts all the burden on Employers and they are responsible and answerable for the behaviour of their employees. Therefore there are very few crimes. And there is no immigrant's problem.

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    the 1st factor that any citizen can do is workout their duty to be in touch with their government. right it quite is a plan for you: a) Prosecuting to the fullest volume of the regulation the two the illegals who come into this u . s ., and the employers that knowingly hire them. This gets rid of the economic incentive. b) removing the "anchor toddler" clause, and deporting the infant alongside with this is kinfolk. This gets rid of the argument that households are being broken up by applying immigration enforcement. c) figuring out, finding, apprehending, and deporting all unlawful extraterrestrial beings at present residing contained in america. This in the present day starts off convalescing particular modern-day US economic subjects. electorate are taking jobs formerly held by applying illegals, and no unlawful gets state or federal amenities. d) construction a wall alongside the size of the contiguous border of america and Mexico. This no longer basically very much reduces the inflow of extraterrestrial beings, yet in addition very much cuts the circulate of unlawful drugs into this u . s .. And, finally, see above returned. VOTE! in case you have a consultant who won't do those issues, vote them out of workplace. it is your government, initiate appearing like it.

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    Withdraw from EU.

    Ban everyone as a blanket ban from obtaining Nationality until controls are in order.

    Invest Billions into boarder Controls.

    Stop all forms of Benefits, NHS resources, Housing from non-nationals.

    Source(s): Common Sense. Blame the system not the Foreigners!
  • Lol we are all moving to Spain so there will be plenty of room!

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    build some gas chambers

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    get rid of all the people who claim there is an immigrant problem, end of problem

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