I did not shut down my notebook computer properly and now it does not start?

the error message says COMCTL.32dll is missing, try to reinstall the program. How can I reinstall the program this is a notebook ACER on Window 7

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  • 9 years ago
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    In your case you have to enter recovery partition. This will restore your computer to factory default.

    Note: Make sure to backup your files before performing this operation.

    by: doctor inferno

    To access the recovery partition on your Acer computer for recovery, follow the steps listed below.

    1. Power on the computer

    2. At the white ACER BIOS screen, hold the Alt key and press the F10 key simultaneously to start Acer eRecovery.

    3. Once eRecovery has loaded, click Restore to Factory Default Settings

    4. Click OK to continue

    5. From here, the eRecovery process will update all the data on the C: drive and restore a fully functional factory image (approximately 10 minutes).

    6. Once eRecovery has run, press OK to reboot unit

    Note that all data will be lost during this process and your computer will be brought back to it's original factory state and settings.

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