College students and jobs...?

I'm a college student now. I have a job that I started at back in July. I work about 13 hours a week there. I currently am enrolled in 13 credit hours, and next quarter I'm enrolled in 16 credit hours. My mom wants me to work at a bank (it'd help me with my degree and it'd help me because it's pretty good money) but the thing is, I'd be working from 8 to 2 on the weekdays.

Do any of you as college students have 2 jobs? Is it difficult to handle?


I'm forced to keep both jobs if I get the second job, plus I have to continue with my school schedule. I make minimum wage at the first job and the second job would be about 225 a week. I just kind of want some perspective.

Thanks ahead of time :)

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  • DrIG
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    9 years ago
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    Two jobs involve two much juggling of schedules and workloads. Try to select the second job if it fits into your classes./

  • Diane
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    5 years ago

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