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Fitted sheets AAARRRGGGHHHH!?

I have extra deep queen size fitted sheets. Whenever I wash/dry them, they gobble up all the other sheets and pillowcases in the load and hold them hostage in their little elasticized pockets until the cycle is over, effectively preventing my OTHER bedding from frolicking in the suds and hot air and getting clean. I've had to resort to checking them/untangling them in the dryer EVERY 10-15 MINUTES to make sure I don't end up with a partially dried wad of bedding. What do YOU do to prevent your cannibalistic fitted sheets from holding all your other bedding captive?

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    9 years ago
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    Get a couple of new, clean tennis balls and toss them in with the load. The sheets will still tangle, but not as much.

    You can also resort to drying them by themselves so they don't have anything else to hold hostage.

    Or toss them over the shower curtain bar or hang the pocketed sheets up outside to dry.

    Or put the fitted sheets into a laundry bag so they can't tangle other stuff.

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    put the sheets in a pillow case and tie closed.they still will wash just fine in pillow case.or wash the sheets by there self's.

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