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I have 2 PCs, both running XP Home and the latest Firefox (version 8.0) On the desktop machine the search box responds with a drop down list of possible topics as soon as I start to type. On the other(laptop) it only offers a selection of what I have previously searched. So far I haven't been able to find any setting to change to get the full dropdown to appear on the laptop. Using Google Chrome things work as I want, but Firefox is my preferred browser


Thanks Nihiltres: I've looked at that and it doesn't fix it. I suspect it is something in the update from Ff 7x to 8 that is handled differently on the 2 machines. possibly the Ff setup was different and now is very different. I might try copying the profile from 1 to the other to see if that brings the behaviours into line

Update 2:

Yes it was something in the profile. I copied the working profile over and AOK

N - I'll give you best as the sensible answer

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    As a Mac user on 10.6.8, I can't duplicate what you see using any of Safari 5.1.1, Firefox 7.0.1, or Chrome 15.0.874.106. (Edit: your question got me to update Firefox to 8.0, where I still don't see the problem.)

    While I can't duplicate your problem, I do have a theory as to its origin. Wikipedia's search box includes JavaScript that recognizes input and checks the Wikipedia servers for titles that match the query, as it's typed in (the "possible topics" list you describe). It doesn't include any feature that remembers previous searches. Since Wikipedia's search box doesn't remember your previous searches, the previous search feature you don't want is not a function of Wikipedia, but probably a function of your browser.

    If the feature is a function of your browser, you might be able to turn it off, thereby avoiding your problem. Check Firefox's settings. In my Firefox settings, I have a "Privacy" section with a checkbox "Remember search and form history", which is unchecked. Try seeing if you have a similar checkbox somewhere on your version of Firefox.

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