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I seem to have air in the filter pump line?

When i turned the air pump off tonight i noticed bubbles coming out of the outlet. First i adjust the valves thinking it may be a pressure thing without success, then I primed the line by manually pumping for a few minutes this just wore me out. I have the air from the air stone hitting the outlet, maybe i should seperate them. could this have backed air up the line, i doubt it. very confused. but dont want to have to turn of the filter if i can help it as its a carpeted room. please help

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    Try it out in the tub, and see what happens. You can separate them if you'd like. If that does not work go to the pet store and see if they have a pump that has good feed back about the product. Wish you the best luck.

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    don't worry.just lift your tank (if it is small)and then do it in the bathroom.i would not leave it like that

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