Question about depression?

I tend to get clinically depressed or near that once every few months for several weeks and sometimes months at a time. Is there a word for that? Or am I just screwed up? xD Thanks!


I wasn't aware that menstruation happened every few months for a month or two at a time. Odd, you think I'd notice.

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    9 years ago
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    edit: well, women always whine about it... it was a joke and i took a shot. as for a real answer, i think its just a cycle. i dont know enough information about this. but with that said, you could possibly be depressed. i find myself not depressed sometimes, but never happy and/or having fun. i dont think youre screwed up, but something could be wrong. is there anything you can pinpoint or are you just really sad? i mean i know when and i think how mine started. im just trying to think of things that could happen every few months. something also might trigger it as well. i have ocd and i ruminate and have way too many negative thoughts, but it can start up from anything. i started having suicidal thoughts for half of the day at lunchtime because i ate a pizza and reminded me of high school which reminded me of something else that wouldnt be embarrassing to most people, but makes me cringe every time i think about it. im not saying that something specific will cause it for you, but try to think of a common theme that has made you depressed. maybe a bad relationship or experience? or im totally wrong and it happens totally randomly. in that case, i still dont think youre screwed up, but you just need to find a way (i dont know how) to keep yourself happy. at least the way you described what youre going through, there are gaps where youre totally (or more) normal compared to the weeks when youre depressed. again, im not trying to give you a definite cause, but i want to at least help you find what the root of it may be and try to prevent it from coming back. but as you have figured out, im not a doctor or psychologist so im not the most reliable person, but i try.

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    I get more severe depression when it is fall, early winter, and late winter, due to short days and much overcast weather. In early summer and mid winter (when it is bitter cold and sunny every single day) my mood is much better. Is it possible that you have depression that is affected by the seasons, or overcast weather? Sometimes my moods do not follow the pattern, but I do have bipolar disorder, and another thing is that sometimes there are droughts and therefore it is unusually sunny at the "wrong" time of the year, or unusual rainy periods. A light box may help. The sunray is a good model, and there is one from alaska that is a bit cheaper, like northern lights or something like that. forgot the name.

    You could have bipolar disorder, and do not recognize your hypomanic periods. if you had full blown mania, everybody would notice, so if it is bipolar, it's type 2. When I was in my 20's, I would have written a question like yours, but my depressions were altogether debilitating, which is characteristic of bipolar. If you are able to continue work or school while depressed, it isn't bipolar.

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    you aren't necessarily screwed up, it might be your head. when you think you're going to get depressed, and think about it you are most likely to get depressed. but when you think you will have a good day, it is clinically proven that you will subconsciously be looking for ways to have a better day! you should try this and think as little as possible about being depressed

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