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wheres the best place to down load boxing title fights?

say for example i wanted a Felix Trinidad fight from when ever, is there a site were i can browse and down load onto my PC?

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    9 years ago
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    Download a program called uTorrent here:

    Next go to isohunt:

    If you for example want a Trinidad fight, type it into the search box and hit search. E.g. I'm looking for Trinidad vs De La Hoya, this is what should come up when you have searched:

    Click the 4th one down, then click 'Download Torrent', when it says save file or open file, click open. Like this:

    When it opens uTorrent like this:

    Only tick the largest file which will be the avi. file itself.

    Click Ok and you just wait until it finishes.

    Some torrents will be slow because of lack of peers, try downloading more recent fights like Mayweather Ortiz etc. to get a better Download Speed.

    When the torrent has finished, it will be blue indicating 100% completed download.

    Locate your file and enjoy :)

  • 9 years ago

    Youtube kinda have everything. ''''

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