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When buying 2nd hand equipment, should it be thoroughly cleaned?

If so what chemicals should i avoid using. And should i run the pump in the bath tub? thankyou guys

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    Just throughly clean your equipment because the previous owner probably had them for months, years even and all the equipment has good bateria and algae on it which can be beneficial to your fish tank and fish

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    Yes you should clean it. It is best to only use water. If you need to use something else the only thing safe to use is bleach (just plain bleach no scented or any type of special bleach) rinse thoroughly and use a good quality declorinator when you fill the tank. Never use soap or any other type of chemical to clean the tank other than bleach.

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    9 years ago

    bleach and water are safe on most things.

    vinegar soaking is good for hard water deposits.

    other than that, use no chemicals.

    don't do this in the bath, your bath is contaminated with soap. use a new tupperware , bucket etc. if you have to, but I don't think you have to. just do it in the tank.

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