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I have just purchased a 2nd hand 4ft tank, whats best way to clean the stones first?

Can i use bleach, or should i not clean them at all?

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    I have noticed fish can be really sensitive to any chemicals. I think the best way to clean the stones is to boil them, or run them under really really hot water to kill any bacteria etc. Of course wait for them to cool completely before doing anything with them.

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    Don't use bleach or any other chemical. It is impossible to rinse it all out of the gravel, and the chemicals will leach into the water and kill your fish. You really should get new gravel. You don't know what kind of disease was housed in the tank before, and keeping old gravel risks infecting your new tank. If you have to keep it, boil it for 30 min or bake it in the oven.

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    if really covered in organic material, old algae etc. then bleach with plain, not scented or softer clothes or anything fancy, just straight bleach and water. rinse well and dry thoroughly.

    if they don't need that then just soak for a week or two to rot out and leech out anything.

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    You can just rinse it. Honestly aquarium gravel is cheap enough I personally would just dump it and get new gravel especially if it needed anything other than a rinse.

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