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I am curious to know about employment in Canada. How easy/difficult is it for a non-Canadian to find work? Are Canadian companies/organisations open to offering employment to non-Canadians? Is age an issue?

Thanks for any help that comes my way.

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  • bw022
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    9 years ago
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    Normally pretty difficult.

    Canadian companies must obtain permission form Citizenship and Immigration Canadian to hire foreign workers and this is only given if there is a shortage of Canadian workers in that profession. Since Canada has over 7% unemployment and over 52% of Canadian have a university degree (and 64% some form of post-secondary diploma) the only job offers are either highly skilled (doctors, nurses, engineers, etc.) or seasonal work (farming, ski resorts, etc.)

    You need to be at least 18 obviously, but typically you need a college degree and at least a few years worth of work experience.

  • 9 years ago

    We don't have that system where companies can privately sponsor someone to get here. Everything must go through Service Canada which is a Governemnt Agency. If a Canadian company wants to hire a foreigner, it has to prove that the job can't be done by any Canadians and must ask for labour market opinion from Service Canada. Chances are very slim for foreigners to come and work here unless they are rain makers.

  • kohel
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    4 years ago

    attempt this. seek government of Canada. once you click on the cyber web-website you will see a link stated as activity financial employer. in case you click on that link you are able to enter your commerce and discover jobs all during Canada. there's a diverse scarcity of nurses notably for the elderly in New Brunswick, it could make immigrating extra ordinary in case you attempt for a community with a continual scarcity of human beings. stable success.

  • John L
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    9 years ago

    In general it's pretty hard. If you are a US citizen, there is a partial NAFTA exception that allows employers to hire people for up to four years for certain jobs that are chronically hard to fill such as some kinds of IT and professional positions. See the web site linked below for more info.

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