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NRHH: Do you view criminals as...?

psychopaths or misunderstood people? I understand that in no way is senseless crime justified, but the reason/background for a lot of criminals is honestly kind of heartbreaking.

Read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Starkweather

Dude got bullied his whole life and everyone told him he wasn't sh*t. He eventually went off the deep end and went on a killing spree. No matter how much I want to look at this as a case of a deranged maniac, I kind of feel sorry for the dude. It really gets to the core, y'know?

MQ: Do you look at criminals as products of their environment or bad people to the bone? Give reasons

BQ: Why do you think hip hop perpetuates an air of misogyny, despite being criticized repeatedly? Is it because the people expressing themselves view women as inferior? Is it because they haven't had any luck with the opposite sex? Speculations welcome.

BQ2: Do you like it when rappers never let down their guard and try to act like the toughest sh*t ever? Do you like it when they show vulnerability and honesty? Do you like a mix of both?

BQ3: Describe your ideal album.

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  • Nikki
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    9 years ago
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    rest in peace, Betty Jean... :(

    and the rest of the victims

    this makes me sick


    it depends on which criminal. sometimes, i can see why they did it. but there's absolutely no reason that people like Betty Jean and Sylvia Likens and that little 8 year old girl that died in the Gabrielle Giffords shooting ... theres no reason they had to die!! they didn't have to go through that sh*t, and now they're gone, because some jackass with a gun, who may be misunderstood, but who may also just be homocidal, decided to end them.

    (i do feel kinda sorry for that guy in the link you posted - electric chair. euh. that's a disgusting way to go.)

    so, MQ, it all depends.

    BQ: i don't know - rappers just tend to regard women as...lesser. i'd say both of your reasons are correct, depends on the rapper

    BQ2: haha no. "act" like the toughest sh*t ever. don't make you life an act. i'd be cool with some toughness, but honesty in rap has awesome effects, too

    BQ3: great guests, great flow - but most importantly, INSANE lyrics. i'm all for the lyrics.

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  • 9 years ago

    I feel some criminals are misunderstood & most are products of their environment; but there are still the ones who just have a malicious mentality regardless of the life they've lived . I think many are misunderstood in the sense people are quick to jump to the conclusions that if they were arrested & convicted they must be "bad people" & did something wrong with not taking into account how corrupt the government & especially the police can be at times. Even eliminating the corruption factor; I feel for ever action there's a reaction & people have reasons behind their actions, case & point the Charles Starkweather case , if someone is continually bullied day in & day out it's only expected soon they will grow a hatred for humanity & eventually rebel . I feel there's a story behind every criminal; justification or not, needs to be taken into account .

    BQ: Yea I think hip hop perpetuates misogyny to a point...but I also feel it's the way the listener looks at it . I personally feel there is definitely women in this world & then there are b^tches, & there's a fine line between the two; & both should be exposed & addressed for what they are. Maybe some rappers feel women are inferior, but I feel it's more a product of their environment & observations based on experiences - if all they've been exposed to is gold diggers, promiscuous girls, numerous heartbreaks, opportunists, ect...obviously their views about them would change & I can understand that. I have a problem when rappers &/or listeners generalize that all women are b^tches, because that is clearly not true .

    BQ2: A mix of both, I like to see artists keep it real by showing their vulnerability & honesty ; but there's nothing wrong with confidence as long as it doesn't cross the point to narcissism.

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  • 9 years ago

    I think some people can become criminals due to the circumstances they come under. For example becoming addicted to drugs/alcohol to cope with homelessness and then robbing money to feed their addiction, these people need help rather than severe punishment.

    However I don't think there is any excuse for murder, I don't feel any sympathy for Charles Starkweather, I think his woman should have got penalty should have got the death penalty too.

    It would be one thing if he killed the ones bulling him but just murdering random people is much worse, some people just don't deserve to live.

    BQ: I think some rappers just view them as objects to look nice and satisfy their penis every so often, perhaps others just use the word b*tch as slang.

    BQ2: I like them to be honest, whatever they are like in person is how they should act most of the time, the problem with half the wack rappers now is that they try to act tough which just leads to the negative steryotyping of all hip-hop culture.

    BQ3: Just a mixture of good lyricism, production, a few good guest spots and possible a loose theme or concept to keep it all tied together.

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  • KR
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    9 years ago

    It Depends. Things Like that happen a lot. People get bullied,people get harrassed for so long that it just builds up and finally they go off like a bomb. I Usually view them as misunderstood and effects on the environment around them and whats going on in their lives.

    Words affect people a lot. Just look at the Columbine Shootings. 2 Teenage Kids,bullied their whole lives and finally they just could not take it anymore. I mean imagine if you were picked on for years and years afraid to go to school? People can be misunderstood people. Some people are not like that and are just crazy people it really depends on the situation,to be honest. Those Columbine kids were victims of bullying for their whole lives and they couldnt take it anymore. A Dozen people were killed because of that. They took it their whole lives before going off. The Columbine shootings is a good example and a fascinating study on the subject. Were learning about it in school right now. Thousands of people are victim of cyber-bullying. They feel like they have no place in the world when people tell them that. Its unfair because everybody in the world is different and special to a certain extent. You just have to find what you're looking for and you have to remember to ignore people and carry on because your awesome regardless.

    MQ: As I Said above,people are victims of bullying and harrassment. Imagine being afraid and terrified just to go to school?

    BQ That is possible. Some People just act that way in general. Some people treat women as objects just for cooking and sex. Its the sad truth.

    BQ2: I Like a mix of both i mean if they act so tough it can be annoying but seeing some vulnerability makes us feel the same thing and understand it.

    BQ3 I Like a perfect blend of lyrics/flow/creativeness/concept. I like an album to be around 15 near-perfect tracks and not a huge less and awe-inspriring album with 25 tracks. I Would love it to have great producing with fantastic guess appearences and nobody crappy on it.

    Excellent Question.

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  • 9 years ago

    Its a mix of both. Some are born to be killers and others can become killers under a stressful environment (ex. Charles Starkweather) Its been proven that serial killers think differently then other people. In other cases, tourture,bullying,stress can make you snap and kill.

    BQ: I don't neccessarly view all rap as hating women. Many rappers do it to have a heighten sense of masculinity. Songs like dance, hey mama, dear mama, and lady brown show women love and respect.

    BQ2: Honesty, please. I hate it when rappers front real hard.

    BQ3: An album where the beats and lyrics combine in harmony to be one.

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  • 4 years ago

    I don't really have a favorite rapper, I just like rap music in general. Besides its too many good rappers to name. I'm a devout Christian (non denominational). As being a survivor of to three combat tours (Desert Storm and Iraq twice), I've seen what God can do when someone has faith the size of a mustard seed in Him.

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  • 9 years ago

    I honestly think the way modern society treats murder is a bit ridiculous. A few hundred years ago, if someone messed with you, you chopped their head off to let the other people know how you got down. I understand that society changes and that taking a life is a terrible thing, but still.

    MQ: Products of their environment. Just because I was raised in an environment where shooting someone is out-of-the-ordinary doesn't mean I should think less of someone who has to carry a gun for protection.

    BQ: I think it's because most men have experience heartbreak and want to warn their listeners of the pain that can come from a woman.

    BQ2: I like it when they show their vulnerability. Makes them seem more human.

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  • Electric chair?


    See I just fail to see how anyone could get enjoyment or a sense of justice out of an execution like that... if the perpetrator gets killed that's not going to make the average person feel any better than if they were behind bars... that's bloodlust in a way and two families lives ruined...

    Accountability obviously but, well, I guess y'all know where I stand on the death penalty - no-one will ever convince me otherwise... not gonna hate on a person for supporting it, but I'll never understand their p.o.v....

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  • MQ: Definitely products of environment. I don't believe that man is naturally bad--though I don't see any evidence supporting us being naturally good, either. I prefer to think of us under neutral and animalistic terms. When stripped of social conditioning and sense of humanity and whatnot, we're just animals left to our instincts. No morals, no sense of right or wrong--just the innate mission to survive. Is it not true that when an animal is threatened, they typically react violently as a method of self-defense? Whether the threat is physical or emotional, this statement holds ground.

    BQ: I think misogyny (hatred for females) is a bit of a strong word to be used regarding hip hop. It doesn't encourage the hatred of women--quite the opposite, actually. That genre of music mostly generates more of their objectification. Depending on the song, though. Some songs depict women as heartless and evil, in which case the song would have emotion and perhaps be telling a story of a break up or something. Others credit women as sex objects and only sex objects, in which case the song holds little to no emotional ground and is in my opinion considered utter crap. In songs objectifying women, yes, it's quite possible that the rapper/songwriter may view women as inferior. Studies have shown that when the majority of men are shown a photo of a scantily-clad woman, a part of their brain instantly snaps to attention--and coincidentally, it's often the part of the brain that is attached to usage of tools. So mentally, whether they know it or not, most men see women as equivalent to hammers and chainsaws and screwdrivers. Men who are viciously anti-feminist have been known to spark sections of the brain that are also activated when shown images of homeless people, so to them, women are the equivalent of worthless hobos. Charming. My point is that the whole thing is purely perspective.

    B2: No, I don't. It's arrogant and pompous and ignorant and egoistical for any idiot to act like he's above anyone or anything. A rapper/hip hop artist is still human, and I would fully support any artist who chose to recognize that instead of behaving larger-than-life. Eminem, for example, has produced songs not only about his strengths and triumphs, but about his weaknesses and emotions. He's one of the few rappers I tolerate, because he doesn't rap about partying and drinking and having sex and selfish pleasures--he raps about life.

    B3: My ideal album. I'm assuming you're referring to the rap/hip hop genre of music, yes? Well this question would be hard to answer then, because I'm not much for that genre. But for any budding artist, I love for their song composition to vary a lot and for the artist to really explore different sounds. A slow and sad song, an upbeat and fun song, an angry and harsh song--you know, variety! It bugs me when artists, especially new ones, box themselves into one kind of emotion or one experience or one sound that is expressed in a bunch of different variations. No, mix it up! Make one song completely different from another! In order to find your really great sound, you've got to get a taste of the bad ones so that you know for sure that they won't work for you.

    Interesting questions. I've never thought about these before.

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  • 9 years ago

    it depends on the person theres some people that just like to do that kind of **** they are the monsters that need to die. On the other hand theres people that kill cuz of they're horrible past i mean in a way its not their entire fault... its the environment/the people they grew up with, don't get me wrong that doesn't justify them, but it makes u feel for the guy cuz they been threw hell which made them the way they are now sadly its not like he wanted to do this to others unlike the people that do it for pleasure/thrill, so in a way theres 2 types of criminals, theres the monsters that do it for fun/pleasure, and there is the ones that do it out of their harsh dramatized past. but hey thats life for you here on earth...

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