What kind of dog should i get?

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I'm 15, i'm an only child and I live in a large condo with a small yard. I am home schooled so i would be home with my dog all day, and have all the time in the world to ...show more
Update : The dog i already have is a lab. & i dont want to pay more than 100, i ...show more
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  • Jenn answered 3 years ago
I am a Vet assistant and I own many pets, I have experience with all sorts of breeds, but I would suggest a smaller dog that is lower energy. Some of the best friendliest dogs I could suggest would be a Pug (Own one) she is my little shadow, not a super high energy dog and not too dismayed if you don't get out for a walk. A Corgi would be another of the same line of activity. A Higher energy dog, more the grab the leash on beg to be walked would be a Papillon (Own one),Maltese, West Highland Terrier, or Poodle/Min Pin. Once again with thee extreme energy your looking at a Jack Russel Terrier. I guess it would depend on how often you walk your Lab and remember that some of the smaller more energetic breeds will be more on the jealous side when they are not the center of your world! Check out the attached link and see what they would suggest!!
Adopting is a wonderful idea, I got my Papillon from Kijiji in the free pets! Just because they are not in a shelter doesn't mean they will not end up there if the owner can't find them a home first...



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Thank you! I really want a shih-tzu
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  • Juliette answered 3 years ago
    Birder collies are really good dogs, they love to play and are really smart, they are medium sized dogs. If not that a papillon or shitzu or cross breeds are always pretty good natured!
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  • Beaglewise answered 3 years ago
    If your thinking of getting one from a shelter I suggest getting a mix breed as there are many mix breeds at shelters. Follow your heart and pick the one that you fall for
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  • Ellie answered 3 years ago
    Try a labrador, they are very Intelligent, playful and they love to eb around you.


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  • cryssyt answered 3 years ago
    Even if your larger dog is friendly, the new dog might not be. Remember that. Go to your local shelter and help save a life! You should probably get a dog that can walk as long as your large dog can, so you won't have to exhaust one or under-exercise the other. Maybe something like a Jack Russell? Going to a shelter, to me, is the best. You can see their temperament with other dogs and they let you take them out of the cage and see how they react to you. Hope I helped! I got my dog from a shelter, he's very smart!
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  • annie answered 3 years ago
    depends on how much you can spend. some are more expensive than others, but if you don't care that much about being pure bred, go look on petfinder.com. i like yorkies, maltese, and westies(:
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  • John answered 3 years ago
    check out the link


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  • CIC answered 3 years ago
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