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Best friend & ex boyfriend problem?

Me and my boyfriend dated for about 2-3 weeks til we broke up, and about 3 days after we broke up he asks my best friend out.. my best friend being desperate for boyfriend and all after her 1 year break up with her ex, she was feeling really unloved and needed a rebound (which she admitted too), she agreed to go out with him.

Okay I admit, I didn't mind them seeing each other at the beginning and I was happy for them because it was good to see a smile on her face and such, BUT what really got me going was the fact that the day after they started dating, they had sex.....

That same day I had an argument with the boyfriend who got his best friend involved and were calling me names and everything, so now I don't have much respect for him and don't believe he's suited for dating my best friend.

Not only have I lost respect for him but also for my best friend considering this is the second time she's gone out with my ex. What's that rule? Don't date friend's ex's? Yeah I can see why now..I mean I really wanna be happy for my best friend and all but, I don't know if I can, I got over it the first time but this time she had sex with him the day after she got with him =/

I've told her how I feel and she says "I can't help it, they all come running to me", my response is "but you don't have to say yes" true? I don't know, I'm so confused

She told me after 3 days of them dating that he said he wanted kids... you can imagine what my response was... "....what the ****?" and today she tells me that he half proposed to her, it was half a joke and half real.

I don't know if I should say something to her.. she's the type to think "she can't be happy for me" but to me.. this is extremely wrong.. they haven't even been dating a week and all this has happened..

As an ex and a best friend.. what the hell am I suppose to do?? I'm sick of my friend doing this to me and the fact that she goes running to all my ex's for a new boyfriend, please help. I'm quite frustrated.

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    You should dump both of these individuals. They are not good for your and it sounds like to me that they were having sex with each other long before you found out they were going out for the so call first time. No one has sex with someone for one night and all the sudden wants to be in a relationship that may involve marriage and or children. I know this is hard, but they were both taking advantage of your kindness and the fact that you are kinda of naive. However, now that you know this is habitual for your ex-friend, you should steer clear of individuals that may have the same thought process as her. As far as the guy you date next, give him a clean slate but be watchful of telltale sign that he might be stepping out. You have been given hints in the past, you just did not pay attention to them. Oh, one more thing, keep your new relationship a secret, with the exception of your parents. This is for your protection. Don't even tell your sibling(s), best friend, enemy, or anybody that is not your parents. They will all talk, but your parents are not likely to talk to their friends about your relationship.

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    you can choose one of these routes to go

    revenge- meaning you try to get with a boy she likes or has dated and see how she feels

    confrot- tell her that this isn't fair to you and u are being hurt by them and if she truely is a good friend she will respect you and break up with him

    brush it off- act like it doesn't bother you

    removal- stop talking to her and him and cut them out of your life.

    Choose the one that u would feel most comfortable with goood luck im sooo sorry i feel really bad

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    your best friend is a jerk. Jst kick her out of your life. Let she learn her own lesson from life. You search one new bf and this tym dnt introduce her to your so called best frnd. Enjoy your life. Make new frnds..

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    9 years ago

    Come on most of guys are just like him...they just want to have sex

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