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When is A.A. going to get thrown out and redone the way it works?

I mean really, Charlie Sheen has my highest respects. A.A. has went totally downhill to where now a days people just sit around lying and gossiping about other people. All they do is stick their noses in other peoples business even when they do not want their help and invade their privacy. Most of these people can't even stay sober themselves. And I will warn anybody I run across to stay the hell out of those places if they really want to sober up.

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    I don't like how in A.A. the people keep confessing that I am so and so and I'm an alcoholic. Jesus sets us free and makes us new so we don't have to live in bondage to anything!

    Proverbs 18:21 says death and life are in the power of our tongue! Why can't these people say, I used to be alcoholic but Jesus set me free!?

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    Might I make a suggestion? No one is answering, so it's not getting out there.

    Or people see it, move on. Make it a question, like 'How is AA working for you?

    Then you could edit and make a comment on things you know.

    AA wasn't really based on the bible, just on 'God as you know him, it' I think so.

    So, it was going to become carnal.

    And I would say not only destructive to the person but wouldn't you think it

    could also be a spy system to gather private information about people?

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    Well, I visited it and that was some time ago. They were okay then, but didn't think it was really too helpful. Since they have to say "higher power" but can't say Jesus, that turns me off as I need to say it's Jesus and give him the glory. By leaving Jesus out, they are not walking on the road to victory. Find out about Teen Challenge and you find out they have 85% recovery and that is because they pray strong fervent prayers, have chapel and do all the things that God is leading them to do.

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    9 years ago

    It will get thrown out when somebody informs the church that runs that particular group about all the problems that you describe.

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