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Can we learn something from India's system in order to effectively combat the Caste Warfare in our country?

The socialists and the dalits are using caste warfare to the extreme in our country. It's time to fight back.

First step is identifying which caste you are in, so here they are:

Brahmin Caste - The APPROVED religious teachers (No Muslims, Deists, Unitarian Universalists, Pagans, and Black Liberation Theology pushers); Patriot Pastors and David Barton are in this Caste.

Vaishya Caste - The job creator caste; small business owners, big business owners, and others are here.

Kshatriya Caste - The warrior caste; this would be the armed forces, the Pentagon, and private military contractors.

Shudra Caste - The rank and file caste; these are the people who provide goods and services for the other castes and are generally employed by the Vaishyas (The job creators)

Dalit Caste - The lowest caste; the long term unemployed, Muslims, immigrants, liberals, Democrats, socialists, gays, atheists, feminists, unmarried women, the uninsured, people who belong to non-approved religions, inner city dwellers, and others are here.

Which caste do you belong to?

Next step would be the caste rules:

1. People should only marry, live with, or live by people of the same caste. Children will also belong to the Caste of their parents.

2. Kshatriyas handle security and foreign affairs, Vaishyas handle economic policy, and Brahmins handle charity and social policy. The major problem with our country is that we've let Dalits handle all of these affairs, it's time we rise up and say no more.

3. Coming into contact with a Dalit is a serious affair. Shaking hands with, being breathed on by, or even being in the same room with a Dalit is not advised. A person who comes into contact with a Dalit must undergo a ritual of purification and take sick time off until they no longer feel contaminated by the Dalit. Do not associate with these people.

Are you familiar with the rules?

If everybody knows their caste and follows the rules of the castes, then we should see a permanent end to the class warfare in as little as a year. FACT.


RitchWilliams - You aren't a Dalit, are you?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Yes. Liberals are pursuing Caste Warfare as we speak.

    They must be stopped.

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  • rager
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    4 years ago

    hi, i became into purely thinking what you men think of with regard to the caste equipment...does it play a place in finding out who you will marry? If it does, why does it remember? If it would not, then why would not it remember? i'm purely inquisitive approximately different persons's perspectives in this subject remember. i think of, i want to no longer coach info for the actuality that, Muslims prefers blood relation marriages. For the info of the 'reason' I mentioned, you may ask any Indian Muslim. they'll coach comparable reason of familiarity of concepts, behaviour and so on. and additionally the protection reason. actually, Hindus have not have been given any caste equipment. particularly, Indians have caste equipment. there's a sparkling difference between Indians and Hindus. there is not any caste equipment in Hinduism, yet basically VARNA equipment in step with our historical Hindu scriptures. VARNA potential occupations basically. the jobs performed via human beings by using many vocations or jobs that they carry to make a residing. i'm hoping it fairly is sparkling to you presently. Regards N arendra

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  • 9 years ago

    If we did try a caste system, we would need to do DNA tests to make sure no Dalits try to pass themselves off as a higher caste member. FACT.

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  • LV426
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    9 years ago

    Don't forget your shadow crossing a Dalit's shadow. That's bad news, too.

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  • 9 years ago

    Too late, the rich already won the class warfare, the rest of us are just trying to keep from being serfs.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Um, no. I couldn't care less about the pollygollygupta caste system.

    No. I'm Katawachi.

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