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Very vivid dream about friend who passed away in April. Do your dreams ever seem really real to you?

My best friend from my childhood died on April 13th. Last night I had this really vivid dream that I got a call from him and was amazed because I thought he was gone. We planned to go to a football game the next weekend.

When I woke up this morning, it took me a minute to figure out if that was real or not.

I know we obviously can dream about things that we have put in the back of our minds, but I just couldn't believe how real it felt. Have you ever had that sensation?

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  • Amiyah
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    yeah I totally get the feeling ! last year, my cousin was killed and I remember the day that he was supposed to turn 18 I had a dream about him and it was a very vivid one, it scared the crap out of me, it seemed so real ! I dreamed that he gave me hug and that he thanked me for something I did for his sister. It kinda bummed me because for a minute I thought it was real but in reality he's gone. I'm sorry about your friend :( but you know 4 months since his death is not too long so maybe he's still in your mind somehow? Dream interpretation depends on your beliefs too, some may think that spirits communicate with us through dreams, others think that your dreams are like your deep desires etc. don't have the real explanation for it but yeah I did have that sensation.

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  • 9 years ago

    A few times that I can think of off the top of my head.

    Years ago, a friend who had passed. I dreamt that I picked him up hitchhiking. I had even told him that I'd thought he was dead, then he got a little see through in the dream & admitted he was. It was a very vivid, bizarre conversation that has stuck with me forever.

    At least twice since my dad passed. Those dreams usually start to dissolve when I remember he's dead.

    And more recently, I dreamt of his mother, who died when I was a kid. It was so real, when I woke up I initially planned to visit her to talk about my dad...weird...

    I get what you mean about not knowing the real from the dream when you first wake up.

    Honestly? I think it speaks to an emotional need so strong to see the person again, our mind does it's best to make that happen.

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  • 9 years ago

    A few times about less serious stuff.

    Once about my car crashing and my 'dieing'. But I can't say I was confused if it was real or not after I woke up.

    I heard that going to a funeral was 'closure' for some and helped them no longer dream, or think they saw the person.

    I kept seeing a cat I had been close to after he died at the vets office, no funeral for him, but now that my gpa died, I never dream about him or think I see him. Of course I wasn't very close and I did go to the funeral.

    So, IDK how true it is (getting closure from attending a funeral). I'm sorry about your friend. If you missed the funeral, maybe visiting the grave site will help.

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  • 9 years ago

    Some people believe that spirits of loved ones sometimes communicate with the living through dreams, a way to assure you that they're alright and ding fine. Also to help you relax a littlr or relieve some stress

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  • wolter
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    4 years ago

    definite at times. I dream approximately my grandmother who surpassed directly to the excellent beyond somewhat over 7 years in the past the main. She replaced into extra like my mom. I lived together with her at an identical time as my actual mom worked nights so she could have the means to take me to college interior the mornings and p.c.. me up interior the afternoons and flow on container journeys with me whilst i replaced into little. i finished up persevering with to stay with my grandmother till she surpassed directly to the excellent beyond [i replaced into in extreme college by ability of that factor]. are not getting me incorrect my mom and that i had [and nevertheless have] an extraordinarily close relationship. She purely lived around the line from my grandmother and that i, so I observed her on a regular basis and maintained a special relationship together with her. frequently the desires I actual have of my grandmother are ones of her traveling me. In my desires i be conscious of she is long previous and that she has got here back to "flow to" we frequently purely talk with one yet another for a speedy at an identical time as, hug, and tell one yet another how we omit one yet another and love one yet another, then in the direction of the tip of my dream she will say she has to flow yet would be back, & then the dream is over. I purely dream of her as quickly as each couple of months. from time to time she will say something approximately the different important different and little ones who've surpassed, and from time to time they are going to be interior the desires together with her.

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