How did she get my number?

I got a text from someone asking me about a house that my aunt, actually my husband's aunt, used to own. I lived there with my now husband, but I didn't live there. Technically, I still lived with my mother, but moved in with my husband, at the time he was my boyfriend. I never changed anything, but my husband did have a few things addressed to me for that house. (We were moving, put our names at that address, and once he got me college information mail to his aunt's address) By record, I was a permanent resident at my mothers. My bills and car insurance were mailed there, and I never changed my address to his aunts.

We moved. The lady texted me saying that she went through the mail and saw my name, my husband's name, and his aunts name. (We haven't checked the mail at all. We checked the mail when we moved, and once all the important information was no longer being sent we stopped. My aunt moved out before us. This was over a year ago, and we did address forwarded/new address)

She said that she couldn't get find my husband's or my aunt's numbers, but when she looked up my name she found my cell phone number. She said she used a credit card to find my cell. Are there websites out there that charge to find a cell phone number? If so, what can I do so no one can look up my cell? Finally, why couldn't she find my aunt's and husband's cell but found mine?


I gave her the realtors name and phone number, but I do not know if the house is still for sale. When I first got the text I thought it was a bridesmaid. (Brother is getting married. I don't know who is in the bridal party) She asked about the house, and how to contact my husband and his aunt. I told her I don't have any information, thus giving her the realtor number. After that she thanked me, apologized for sounding like a stalker, and hasn't texted since.

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  • 9 years ago

    This sounds very dodgy to me.

    I would delete and ignore any further texts.

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