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Bloody nose going on two months. Not sure why.?

When I was little I used to get them a lot. They would come out of nowhere so I had my nose cordorized. (Sorry for the bad spelling) Recently, about two months ago, it started happening again but it's different.

It's going to sound gross, but my nose is filled with boogers. They are dry, and if there are a lot I can't breathe. I usually use ointment and then blow. I don't pick, but I still look like an idiot sticking ointment up my nose.

About three weeks ago I blew my nose, and this inch and a to describe it...thick thread looking thing appeared. I have no idea what it was. A few days ago I had another, but it wasn't as long.

It started out in my left nostril, but now it's my right as well. I do have a doctors appointment next Wednesday, but I want to know if anyone else experienced this before? It's bleeding everyday, and I try not to fuss over it but it's annoying.

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    It might be a problem with you're brain, or maybe if you've been under great stress.

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