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My aunt is a control freak and two faced?

So i am 17 i have to live with my aunt and uncle

im cutting the rest short,my parents haven't been in my life much

had to come live here last year,and can not stand these people.

They're the type of people that pretend like there is nothing wrong with them when everything is wrong with them,my uncle is an alcoholic who denys it and my aunt can't do a freaking thing,or even lift a finger or else it will get "dirty", they are a "do as the joneses do family" and fake,house is spotless always pretending to be perfect and nice whenever someone isn't around they fight and they are evil as hell.

so my aunt is the type of person who makes thing's way bigger than they already are because she has nothing else in her life to do,she always has to know everything everyone does in the house,where you went who you talk to when you crap when you pee what you have in your room,so i don't tell her anything,every time i get home i have to be interrogated like "so where did you go,what did you get" when i get something like clothing from the store she's always like "oh is that new" then she goes into her conversation about how when you get something new that means throw all your crap away,and her lifestyle is not mine.

More what bothered me is that when i left for a two day vacation she came in my room and found some stuff i hid from her like cotton candy i hid behind the dresser because i don't want to put it in the kitchen because every time i get something she always has to eat some of it. I don't mind sharing it's just the fact that i have to share everything i get with her. And if i don't tell her something she get's all pissed off and she stays that way.

When im depressed it's always like i have to hide it,i do not want to talk about everything in my waking life with her,and honestly this is a bit shady but how do i tell her off?

I struggle with bulimia and anorexia today i wanted to talk to my boyfriend about it.

Which i went to the park and did,and i know for sure im going to get questioned about it

i want to tell her that there are some thing's we all keep to our selves.

But when i do this she is just going to get all pissed off then my family hates me all of a sudden because i don't tell them something.

How do i tell her off?

I want to say mind your own god damn business but it's just going to cause problems.

because like i said she makes thing's bigger than they already are.

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    when yous are both calm ask if you can talk to her privately and just tell her that you dont want to get into an argument and its difficult for you to say but you feel like she is being a bit too intrusive. tell her you need a wee bit more personal space, but try to counteract it by saying that you will talk to her about things that are important but not every single thing (not that you have to but just to make her feel better).

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    You're a teenage, you don't know what you are talking about at that age. I was crazy as hell and delusinonal as a teen. Moved out and everything because I couldn't get along. When you start having responsibilites in life, then you will get it. Until then, you don't

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    stick it in a pan

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