Friend needs Child Support. What should she do?

Her boyfriend moved out over the weekend. She has two kids, 2 and 4, and has no idea what to do, who to go to, and where to start.

She lives in a house her father owns, but she pays for the utilities, bills, and any repairs. Her mother watches the kids when she works, but she pays her mom to watch them. (Her mom said that she doesn't mind watching them a weekend or two a month, but if it's an everyday thing then she either takes her kids to daycare or pays. Her kids = her responsibility. To me, it's fair)

My friend works full time, and last I heard her husband works. I do not know if he works full time or not. She's been trying to contact the ex the past few days, but no response.

My parents divorced, but that was years ago, and the law has changed since then. Their divorce was ugly, with child support and everything else. Lawyers and everything. She doesn't want to get a lawyer, and I know that with Child Support you don't really need one.

She lives in NJ. She does not do computers well, so any links won't help. (She doesn't own a computer either, but I do. If there is anything that can be printed from the internet I can print for her, like forms)

Thanks :)


...the boyfriend is the father. She knows he is at his mother's house, but no one is answering the house phone/his cell phone.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The local county district attorneys office. Have her call and make an appointment. It is all done at no cost.

  • K
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    9 years ago

    Child Support Enforcement. Have her go to her local Dept. of Social Services and ask about this. Child Support Enforcement will garnish his wages and then give her the $. She and her ex will not have to deal with each other at all. They can also help her locate him if she doesn't know where he is, and can help determine if he is working.

  • Mel
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    9 years ago

    Have her contact her local women and family services department in her county. They will provide her the info she needs and get her in the right direction.

  • 9 years ago

    wow i wish i had your hard ships you didn't mention the boy friend and his connection is he even the father Where is the real father Warn her that its a pretty good bet the one she claims as dad will get a dna test Way too many details missing here

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    drink will make u feel better !!!

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