Uh... is there a name for what I believe?

I recently officially un-converted from Christianity. I know there are a lot of people who have, so I figure there's probably a name for my belief system/religion:

-I don't believe in God, exactly, although I believe it's technically possible that there is a G/god

-I don't follow any organized religion and am sceptical of all of them, to a degree

-I'm pretty open to being shown evidence of the truth, but I'm not going to accept something as always objectively true unless it's proven, not just testified for

-I know people sincerely believe in religion even if they're "sincerely wrong" and that we should respect each other's differences that way

-I don't claim to know the origin or nature of reality (could have been created [though how did the creator come to be?], could be brains-in-a-jar, could be something no one's imagined)

-At the moment, I don't really believe in life after death (though since that's not been proven, I still accept it as possible)

-I don't worship anybody (and now I'm feeling hit with hubris-guilt, haha)

I'm not asking this to be preached to... ^^; But is there a name for my stance on religion?

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